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SHL Aptitude Tests

SHL has over 40 years of experience in the talent assessment world. Their tests range widely in terms of subject matter and difficulty. Financial employers can select the relevant package to help support the hiring process; allowing them to find the candidates best suited for the role in terms of skills, communication style, personality and strengths. These are some of the SHL (sometimes known as CEB) tests:

SHL aptitude tests

Logical, numerical and verbal reasoning tests.

SHL personality and behavioural tests

These tests work in conjunction with the recruitment process to help employers get a clearer understanding of what kind of person you are. Aligning your values with those of the job you’re hiring for is a good way to ensure you stand out for the right reasons when taking a test like this. These are some of the SHL tests that fall within the category:

  1. Personality test - choose statements that best reflect your personality.
  2. Situational judgement test - a simulation of the kind of workplace challenges you’d expect in the role you’re applying for.
  3. Motivational questionnaire - this will assess your behaviours and motivations in the workplace.
  4. Analytic test - you’ll read and analyse a brief, before presenting back your recommendations and logical conclusions.

SHL tests vary in difficulty, depending on the role you’re applying for. Here are the different options:

SHL personnel test battery

Typically for administrative or clerical roles, these tests assess everything from proofreading and understanding written information, to calculations and data checking.

SHL Graduate and managerial tests

You’ll either complete these online or in an assessment centre.

Senior managerial tests

These tests are also split into two formats: verify tests, which are similar to graduate and managerial tests, and advanced managerial tests which range from numerical and verbal analysis, to numerical and verbal reasoning tests.


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