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What Is An SHL Test?

SHL test is a multiple-choice test focused on a particular set of skills. The SHL range of tests includes aptitude, personality, and behavioural questions, and the reason they are so popular as part of the recruitment process is that they have developed their assessments following the input of experts like occupational psychologists. Different tests are used depending on the role (and seniority).

Who Are SHL?

SHL is a company that designs and administers personality, behavioural and ability tests that are in use throughout the world. These tests are available in 30 different languages, in more than 150 countries across the globe - and since the inception of the company back in 1977, SHL has partnered with multi-national companies like Google, retail conglomerates, and even stock exchanges.

SHL Aptitude Test Types

SHL aptitude tests can be administered as separate tests, focusing on a single aptitude, or as a general ability test that encompasses more than one area. SHL aptitude tests are timed - usually at fewer than 30 minutes per assessment - and often feature multiple choice questions.

Although the subject matter of the questions in each assessment may not be difficult, the pressure of a time limit makes the test hard - and a more useful assessment of inherent abilities for recruiters looking to narrow down candidates for an available position.

As SHL tests are often adapted for use with different employers, the specific length of time for each assessment and the number of questions asked may vary, as will the language and content of some of the questions themselves.

SHL Numerical Reasoning Tests

A numerical reasoning test assesses the mathematical ability of the candidate by presenting information and several possible answers. The data provided is usually in the form of a graph or chart and will have some relevance to the advertised position.

The questions involve performing a calculation - usually using percentages and ratios - to choose the correct answer from a multiple choice list. The difficulty isn't in the level of mathematical ability, which needs just basic knowledge of maths but answering quickly and often without the help of a calculator.

Although SHL tests are often created as a bespoke package for employers, you can expect an SHL numerical reasoning test to have around 18 questions that you are expected to answer in 17-25 minutes.

Example numerical reasoning question:


Q) What percentage of overall output was produced by hydroelectric power in the third quarter?

A) 7.32%


C) 34.15%

D) 41.46%

Solution: 7 / (17 + 14 + 7 + 3) x 100 =17.07%

SHL Verbal Reasoning Tests

In a verbal reasoning assessment, the candidate is presented with some text, with a statement after it. The candidate must decide if the statement is true, false, or if there is not enough information to answer. The skill needed to complete an SHL verbal reasoning test is reading, understanding, and analysing the text to find the answer needed.

In an SHL verbal reasoning test, you will have about 30 questions that need to be answered in 17-19 minutes.

Example verbal reasoning question:


Statement: Unchecked climate change is likely to lead to humanitarian crises.

A) True

B) False

C) Cannot say

Solution: True - the passage says that it may lead to human relocation and suffering on a scale never seen before.

SHL Inductive Reasoning Tests

Inductive reasoning questions present a collection of images, patterns, or shapes and the candidate must discover the pattern or rule for them to answer the question.

In some inductive reasoning tests, you might be asked to find the next image in the pattern, spot the odd one out, or decide what image fits in a gap.

In SHL inductive reasoning tests, the questions are usually looking for the 'next in series' - the image that follows the pattern best. They may be described as a logical reasoning test by some employers. There are around 24 questions with a time limit of 25 minutes.

Example inductive reasoning question:


Q) Which of the boxes comes next in the sequence?


Solution: Rule 1: The position of the octagon changes between top and bottom each time. Rule 2: The circle alternates between being present and absent. Rule 3: The square moves 90 degrees anticlockwise around the square. Answer = A.

SHL Deductive Reasoning Tests

In a similar way to the verbal reasoning questions, the data needed to complete the question is presented in the form of text, but this time you will be asked to complete scenarios based on incomplete information.

In the SHL deductive reasoning test, you may face questions related to syllogisms, where several premises are presented and you need to find the right conclusion that follows if you assume the premises are true.

There are often questions that offer a set of rules that must be used when arranging a group of objects - sometimes colloquially referred to as 'seating arrangement' questions.

Each question is multiple choice, and there are usually around 18 questions that need to be answered in about 10 minutes.

You can learn more about deductive reasoning tests here.

Example deductive reasoning question:


Q) Who can you infer is most likely to have taken the lemon cake?

A) Maggie

B) Susan

C) Mark

Solution: Given what we have learned, it is reasonable to assume that Mark is the culprit. The facts about Maggie and Susan might help in forming a deductive argument, however, in this context they are inconsequential. Mark’s pattern of behavior suggests he is guilty. Answer = C.

SHL General Ability Tests

The SHL General Ability Test combines several test types into one simple to administer package. Often used to screen for graduate and management level positions, it is a broad spectrum indicator of reasoning ability in several key areas including verbal, numerical, and logical.

Candidates usually have about 35-45 minutes to complete, depending on the number of questions.

SHL Mechanical Reasoning Tests

Mechanical reasoning tests assess the ability of the candidate to apply mechanically, engineering, and electrical knowledge. Mechanical reasoning tests usually present several images regarding typical physics laws such as force, gravity, levers, and pulleys.

You can usually expect a mechanical reasoning test if applying for roles that require a level of mechanical or scientific expertise, like a production operative or an engineer, but they are also used for those in the financial sector.

In the SHL mechanical reasoning test, the knowledge required to answer the questions is usually regarding basic physics, and you will have about 10 minutes to answer 15 questions.

SHL Reading Comprehension Tests

The SHL Reading Comprehension Test is similar to verbal reasoning in that it offers a passage of text, but the skill here is merely to read and understand the passage to answer a question. The language used might be complicated, or role-specific to make it more of a challenge.

The assessment usually has about 18 questions that need to be answered in 25 minutes, so to be successful you must be able to quickly read and take in the given information.

SHL Calculation Tests

Although broadly similar to the numerical reasoning type of tests, SHL Calculation Tests are more like a maths exam, focusing on the candidate's ability to manipulate equations using basic skills (adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing) according to the correct order of operations, ie BODMAS.

As these questions are not complicated in terms of mathematical ability, you will usually have a shorter time to complete - usually 10 minutes for about 20 questions.

SHL Personality and Behavioural Assessments

The other part of the SHL assessment offering that is becoming more and more part of the recruitment process is personality and behaviour tests. Employers want to make sure that even the prospective employees who are qualified through aptitude and experience have the right personality traits to fit the culture, work well with others, and have similar thought processes to the rest of the team.

Personality and behavioural assessments are created from the science of occupational psychology, and SHL has created several versions of these tests that have developed as scientific knowledge has grown.

SHL Personality Tests

SHL personality tests can be split into two separate entities. Both have no time limit.

SHL Occupational Personality Questionnaire (SHL OPC32)

The newest iteration of this personality test offers up to 104 questions that focus on 32 characteristics of personality. Candidates are presented with a block of 4 statements, and in each block must select the statement that is most like them, and least like them.

SHL Motivation Questionnaire (SHL MQ)

The SHL Motivation Questionnaire specifically looks at 18 factors that determine motivation, from power to fear of failure.

To assess this, you will be faced with a statement and asked to rate how it would affect your motivation to work on a scale. There can be up to 144 statements, but no time limit.

Check out five myths uncovered about personality tests here.

SHL Situational Judgement Tests

In a situational judgement test, the candidate is assessed on how they deal with difficult scenarios.

In the SHL Situational Judgement Test, you will be presented with a scenario based on a real-life, work-based situation and have to decide which course of action is the most appropriate out of several possibilities.

There can be 12-25 scenarios, and there is not usually a time limit.

SHL Personnel Test Battery

The SHL Personnel Test Battery is a thorough test that is made for positions that involve high levels of clerical and administrative work. The SHL Personnel Test Battery combines verbal reasoning with numerical reasoning as well as clerical checking tests.

Clerical checking tests look at speed and accuracy, often involving checking lists of data to find discrepancies. You may be required to look at a passage of text and mark it for errors in comparison to a control text and may need to complete a typing test too.

The time limit depends on the number of questions in the battery.

SHL Graduate and Managerial Tests

SHL tests aimed at graduates or for managerial roles are usually presented in one of two ways.

  • SHL Verify+

The SHL Verify tests tend to be more business-orientated and are generally higher-level and more difficult. The Verify tests are usually administered online and are meant to make the experience of test taking simply for candidates.

  • SHL Management and Graduate Item Bank (MGIB)

This is a battery of tests that combines questions on verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning, and what is described as productive thinking which assesses your ability to be creative and find abstract solutions to problems. It is one of the most popular options for the selection, assessment, and development of those in graduate and management-level positions.

The tests are supervised (usually taken at an assessment center) and take 25 minutes for the verbal section, 35 minutes for the numerical section, and about 32 minutes for productive thinking.

Which financial employers use SHL Tests?

The SHL test packages are used in the selection process for several banks and financial organisations around the world and are also important for improving internal progression.

You are likely to come across an SHL aptitude test if you apply for a role at the following employers:

The recruitment process for these organisations tend to attract numerous applicants, and the aptitude tests are designed to help employers narrow down potential candidates for initial employment.

Further to this, many of these employers also implement SHL tests to facilitate training to offer development opportunities.

5 Tips to prepare for and pass SHL Tests

The content of SHL aptitude tests is simple enough, based on basic maths, English, and scientific knowledge. The difficulty comes from the structure of the questions and the time limits of the test - as well as the knowledge that your score will influence the job you want to get.

1. Learn What Tests You Will be Taking.

Knowing what aptitude tests you will be facing will help you prepare most appropriately. You can often find out what tests you will be taking from the recruiter or in your application pack, but don't be afraid to reach out and speak to them to find out.

2. Practice SHL-Style Questions

SHL has several practice tests based on the different types of assessments available on their website. You can also find SHL-style questions in preparation packs that are a great way to hone your skills, not only in answering the right type of questions but also in finding out if there is anything that you need to focus on.

3.The Importance of Time Management

SHL assessments do not offer a lot of time for answering questions, so the time pressure is an important facet of the test. When you practice SHL tests, be sure to set a timer so that you can practice as accurately as possible. Becoming used to the idea that you need to work fast (and accurately) makes the actual test less of a surprise - effective time management is key.

4. Focus on Reasoning

SHL aptitude tests have a lot to do with the reasoning of varying types. Reading widely and practicing rudimentary math skills will make you feel more confident in your abilities. Through your practice, you are likely to come across some areas that you aren't necessarily as comfortable with, so make sure to do as much as you can to improve your results.

5.Read the Instructions

All the information you need to answer the questions is provided in the instructions, so even after you have practiced on SHL-style tests you must read all the information you are given in the tests.

Sample SHL Assessments question Test your knowledge!

Score: /6

In the grid below, one box is missing. You must work out what rules are being applied in the other boxes in order to work out which of boxes A to F will complete the grid.

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D
  • E
  • F

After analyzing a sequence where each box follows a certain rule to determine its shading, which sequence adheres to the same pattern?

  • A sequence where each subsequent box has an inverted shading pattern from the previous one
  • A sequence where every second box alternates between heavily shaded and lightly shaded
  • A sequence where shading is randomly distributed without any discernible pattern
  • A sequence where each box is progressively more shaded than the last

When comparing two strings of characters, which of the following observations is indicative of an error?

  • One string has an additional character compared to the other
  • Both strings are identical in length and character composition
  • The characters in both strings are in a different order but are otherwise the same
  • Both strings have the same characters but vary in character case

Select the data string that contains a typographical error:

  • ABCD1234XYZ
  • ABCD1234XYYZ
  • ABC123XYZ
  • ABCD1243XYZ

If an investment of $7,500 earns a 6% annual interest compounded yearly, what is the total value after 2 years?

  • $8,433.00
  • $8,415.00
  • $8,451.00
  • $8,442.45

Given a data set showing the monthly sales over a year, which month shows a decrease in sales compared to the previous month?

  • February
  • June
  • October
  • December

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SHL Assessments Tips

Understand the Test Format

Getting familiar with the structure and types of questions asked in SHL Style tests can significantly increase your comfort level during the actual test.

Practice Time Management

The key to excelling in timed assessments is practice. Learn to manage your time efficiently to ensure you're able to attempt all questions.

Master the Basics

Before diving into complex problems, make sure you have a solid grasp on basic mathematical and verbal concepts which are often tested.

Sharpen Your Logical Thinking

Logical and inductive reasoning are common areas in SHL tests. Engage in exercises that enhance your analytical skills.

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SHL Assessments FAQs

How are the results of the SHL Style tests used by employers?

SHL Style test results offer employers a standardized method of evaluating candidates' abilities in specific areas like problem-solving, comprehension, and technical knowledge. It's part of a data-informed approach to identify the best-matching candidates for the job.

Are the SHL Style tests hard?

The difficulty of SHL Style tests can vary depending on an individual's strengths and the specific job requirements. Generally, these tests are designed to be challenging to effectively differentiate between candidates with different skills and competencies.

What do I need to take SHL Style tests?

To take SHL Style tests, you'll need a reliable computer with internet access. Ensure you are in a quiet environment to focus, and use a comfortable chair and desk setup to reduce distractions and maintain your concentration throughout the test.

What types of tests are included in the SHL Style tests?

SHL Style tests include a variety of assessments such as numerical, verbal, inductive reasoning, and personality questionnaires. Each is designed to measure different attributes important to job performance in the financial sector.

Where can I practice free SHL Style test questions?

The best way to prepare for SHL Style tests is through consistent practice and familiarization with the test formats. Fintest offers a wide range of free practice tests to help you get ready and feel confident for the real thing.


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