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Careers at Capgemini

As a multinational corporation, Capgemini provides integrated end-to-end business services across consultancy, technology and digital transformation. It cites itself as a leader in innovation, focused on enabling clients to harness every opportunity for growth in a digital world.

Globally, Capgemini employs around 270,000 staff, located across 50 countries, and working in its various interrelated departments. In the UK, it offers graduate employment opportunities across almost all areas of operational activity, including a number of financial services and Fintech roles.

Capgemini aims to be a fully inclusive employer, and as such, its recruitment process takes a slightly different approach from what you might traditionally expect.

Capgemini Application Process

Capgemini runs what is referred to as a strengths based recruitment process. Whilst academic achievement and past experience will be taken into account, it focuses more on your personal motivations, what you enjoy doing, and how good a fit you are for Capgemini's working culture.

This approach allows Capgemini to identify applicants with the greatest future potential. It's also beneficial to you as a candidate, as you'll get a good insight into what it's like to work for the company, and if this is indeed an opportunity you wish to pursue.

Throughout the process, you'll be assessed on a number of core strengths, including:

  • Work ethic
  • Collaborative spirit
  • Credibility
  • Flexibility
  • Ownership
  • Personal growth
  • Networking strengths

These will be measured through a standard process inclusive of interviews, psychometric tests and in person or virtual assessments.

Capgemini Online Application

The first step in the Capgemini recruitment process is an online application form. This will include the standard questions you'd expect at this stage, such as personal details and academic qualifications.

It will also include a number of motivational questions, such as why you see yourself as a good fit for Capgemini, and what personal achievements in life you're most proud of. This is your chance to make the right first impression on the hiring team, so answer these questions with care and try to showcase the core strengths assessors are looking for.

Capgemini Digital Interview

If your application is approved you will move on to a digital interview. Through this, Capgemini is looking to learn more about who you are and your personal strengths as a candidate.

The digital interview is split into two parts. In the first you'll be asked further motivational questions, covering what you know about Capgemini and the fields in which it operates, as well as questions around your suitability for the role. You'll have 30 seconds to formulate a response for each, and three minutes to deliver your recorded answer. To help you prepare for this, Capgemini has created a digital interview demo.

The second section is very similar to the situational strengths assessment. You'll be given a client based scenario and asked to deliver both an email and a voicemail to the client based on the information provided.

Capgemini Aptitude Tests

Capgemini Strengths Situational Test

Successful applicants will then be invited to complete a situational strengths assessment. This is a digital process in which you'll be presented with a series of hypothetical scenarios, some coworker based and some involving client scenarios. All will mirror situations you'd commonly encounter as a Capgemini employee.

For each, you'll be given a list of possible response options, from which you'll need to select which would be your most natural reaction. The key here is to not try and cheat the system. Stay true to yourself and don't overthink things. Most candidates take between 30 and 40 minutes to complete this section, though there is no time limit.

Capgemini Additional Aptitude Tests

At this stage, you may be asked to complete additional aptitude tests relevant to the role for which you have applied. In the case of financial services and Fintech, numerical, verbal and logical reasoning tests are a common requirement.

Capgemini Numerical Reasoning Test

Numerical reasoning will test your natural ability for data analysis and statistical interpretation. You'll answer multiple choice questions based on graphs, charts and tables, representing the kind of work you'd undertake as a graduate level employee.

Capgemini Verbal Reasoning Test

Verbal reasoning requires you to demonstrate sound language comprehension and analytical skills. You'll be shown various passages of text which you'll need to evaluate in order to respond to multiple choice questions. Problems will revolve around inferences, assumptions and conclusions.

Capgemini Logical Reasoning Test

Logical reasoning will assess your problem solving skills. You'll need to choose the right option to fill in missing parts of a series of sequences by identifying rules and relationships.

These aptitude tests are all timed, and both your accuracy and speed will contribute to your overall score. With that in mind, preparation is vital for success, and you should look to complete as many practice assessments as possible for each test type.

Capgemini Assessment Centre

The final part of the Capgemini recruitment process is the assessment centre. Traditionally, this is an in person, one day event held at one of the company's UK offices, though it has been held virtually owing to recent circumstances.

The assessment day is made up of multiple activities, again designed from a strengths based perspective.

Capgemini Group exercise

Here you'll be placed in a team with fellow applicants, and asked to complete a series of tasks relating to a given set of information. You'll typically hold a group discussion to evaluate this information and draw conclusions, or formulate an effective solution to a hypothetical problem. It's also likely you'll be asked to present these to an assessment panel.

Capgemini Individual Micro-exercises

You may be asked to complete various tasks as an individual, each measuring a particular strength. For example, you could be set a written exercise in which you need to interpret and coherently summarise detailed information on trends in financial technology, assessing communication skills. To prove your ability to organise your time effectively, you may be asked to prioritise a given set of responsibilities.

Capgemini Interview

Your assessment centre schedule will also include a face to face interview, usually with managers from the department you've applied to work for. Questions posed will be similar to those asked in your digital interview, but in this case there's the opportunity for two way dialogue, giving both you and the hiring team a chance to learn more about each other.

For this final stage of the recruitment process, you should prepare to clearly explain what it is about Capgemini that makes it an attractive employer, what your personal strengths will bring to the organisation, and how you see yourself developing as a professional within the role on offer.

Sample Capgemini Assessments question Test your knowledge!

Score: /5

After reading the passage, what is the author's main argument?

In the realm of digital transformation, businesses must prioritize customer experience to stay competitive. Implementing user-friendly technology interfaces and analyzing customer data to personalize experiences, are essential. Those who fail to adapt risk obsolescence in a market where consumer preferences quickly evolve.

  • Personalized customer experiences are a trend, but not necessary for a competitive edge.
  • Businesses should focus on technology implementation without considering customer experience.
  • Customer experience should be the top priority in digital transformation to remain competitive.
  • Analyzing customer data is irrelevant in enhancing user-friendly technology interfaces.

Determine the next item in the series: 5, 9, 13, 17, ___.

  • 21
  • 25
  • 20
  • 23

If all Bloops are Toops, and some Toops are Roops, which of the following statements is correct?

  • Some Bloops are Roops.
  • No Bloops are Roops.
  • Some Roops are Bloops.
  • None of the above conclusions can be made.

A project timeline was scheduled for 120 days, but it has overrun by 25%. How many total days did the project take?

  • 150
  • 145
  • 125
  • 130

During the implementation of a new technology system, the process improvement increased productivity by 15%. If the original productivity was 80 units per hour, what is the new productivity rate per hour?

  • 92 units
  • 95 units
  • 88 units
  • 85 units

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Capgemini Assessments Tips

Know Your Basics

First things first, brushed up on fundamental finance, accounting, and analysis principles. Ensure you're comfortable with the common concepts and language used in the financial sector. Fintest offers tailored practice exams that echo the theme of Capgemini's tests, so immerse yourself in the materials provided here to gain confidence.

Focus on Speed and Accuracy

Capgemini looks for individuals who can work quickly without compromising quality. When using Fintest to practice, keep an eye on the clock but double-check your work before confirming an answer. Developing both speed and accuracy will make you stand out amongst other candidates.

Understand the Digital Landscape

Given Capgemini's emphasis on digital transformation, expect some questions about current digital trends and technologies. Keep yourself updated with the latest in digital finance tools and platforms. Familiarity with this landscape can give you the edge you need.

Practice Real-World Problem-Solving

Capgemini values innovative thinkers, so don't just memorize facts. On Fintest, use our simulations to enhance your problem-solving skills. Look for patterns, think critically, and apply what you learn to how you might address challenges in the workplace.

Stay Calm and Composed

Job exams can be stressful, but a calm mind solves problems more effectively. Make use of Fintest's practice environment to get used to the pressure you'll face. Learn relaxation techniques to keep anxiety at bay and maintain clear thinking during your assessment.

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Capgemini Assessments FAQs

How long is the Capgemini aptitude test?

The length of the Capgemini aptitude test can vary depending on the position and level of the role, but it typically takes around an hour to complete.

Where can I practice the Capgemini tests?

You can practice free Capgemini test questions to get familiar with the format and improve your test score using our online platform - no credit card required.

How long does it take to hear back from Capgemini?

Candidates can typically expect to receive a response within a few weeks of submitting their application. If a candidate is selected to move forward in the hiring process, they may be contacted for a phone or video interview or invited to an assessment center.