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Careers at Bloomberg

Bloomberg is a global conglomerate serving institutional, commercial, and private investors with round-the-clock financial news, data, analysis, and research.

It was founded in 1981 as a revolutionary service, the Bloomberg Terminal. This gave those dealing in the financial markets unprecedented access to key information, and remains a market leader to this day, with around 325,000 subscribers worldwide.

Complemented by Bloomberg News in 1990, and Bloomberg Tradebook in 1996, it now offers a vast range of innovative solutions, designed and delivered by more than 19,000 employees in 176 offices.

Entry-level roles at Bloomberg exist in customer support, supply chain, client financial services, global data, and analytics and sales.

To be successful in your application, you'll need to show a keen interest in, and understanding of, the financial markets, as well as a range of key skills and attributes that prove you're the right fit for this forward-thinking organisation.

Bloomberg Application Process

While each role is unique, applicants for entry-level posts and internships can expect to take part in a fairly standard recruitment process.

This consists of four or five stages, with success at each one required for progression to the next. To help you prepare, these stages are outlined below.

Bloomberg Online Application

Once you've found a role of interest, you'll need to submit an online application through the Bloomberg careers page. You'll be asked to fill out standard personal details, as well as to upload your CV.

You'll also be asked several long-form questions about the role on offer and Bloomberg itself. To answer these effectively, do your research.

Make sure you fully understand the job requirements and the role of the department you'll be working in. You should also refer to Bloomberg's objectives and its core values of:

  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Innovation
  • Philanthropy
  • Sustainability

Bloomberg Aptitude Tests

Bloomberg Aptitude Tests (BAT) is an online assessment that measures things like your cognitive abilities and behavioral traits.

The type of questions you're likely to come across in this assessment include:

Verbal reasoning - these test your critical thinking skills, and require you to analyse written information to form conclusions.

Numerical reasoning - these ask you to work with data representations, using the numerical information provided to solve a given problem.

Logical reasoning - here you'll work with abstract information, and put your problem-solving skills into practice by identifying rules and relationships.

Situational judgement - this type of question will ask you to select the most appropriate response to a hypothetical scenario, and is a measure of your typical workplace behaviour.

These types of questions give Bloomberg insight into your natural aptitude. They are not designed to be overly complex, but can be tricky if you're not used to them - so take plenty of practice tests in each area before you begin your assessment.

This section of the process should take around 25 minutes to complete.

Bloomberg Pre-Recorded Video Interview

If your application and assessment are successful, you'll be sent a link to a video interview. This will be a set of predetermined questions to which you'll need to record your responses to.

The questions will allow you to expand on your experience, your knowledge of Bloomberg, and your understanding of the role you've applied for. This is also your opportunity to let your personality shine through.

Treat it as you would a face-to-face interview. Revisit your research and the job description, and prepare for any questions you think will crop up.

You'll need to set around 15 minutes aside to complete the video interview.

Bloomberg Phone Interview

In some cases, you may also take part in a phone interview. This is a chance for the recruiter to clarify certain information and ask for more detail where required.

It's also a chance for you to ask any questions you may have at this point, so use it wisely.

Bloomberg Assessment Day/Super Day

The final stage of recruitment is attendance at an assessment day. These generally take place at the Bloomberg office you'd be working at if hired.

The length and structure of your assessment day will be determined by the role applied for, but some activities you can expect to take part in include:

  • Individual skills-based assessments - this could include written exercises or job-specific skills tests.
  • Group activities - here you'll work with fellow applicants on a set task, showing your teamwork and collaborative skills in action.
  • Interviews - face-to-face sessions with team leaders or departmental managers.
  • Job shadowing - you may get the opportunity to observe a relevant employee at work, or you may complete a job simulation exercise.
  • Networking - you'll get a chance to chat with the staff at various levels of seniority, and find out what life as a Bloomberg employee is really like.

The purpose of an assessment day is twofold. It gives the hiring team a chance to meet you in person, and further assess your skills. It also gives you a chance to experience the realities of working for Bloomberg, and determine if it's the right fit for you.

Sample Bloomberg Assessments question Test your knowledge!

Score: /5

Three investment trends are observed: Trend A leads to a 5% return in a month, Trend B leads to a 10% loss, and Trend C leads to a 15% gain. If these trends are equally likely, what is the expected value of the return on investment after a month?

  • 3.33% gain
  • 6.67% gain
  • 5% loss
  • 4.67% loss

If the value of a financial asset grew by 8% in the first quarter and by an additional 4% in the second quarter, what is the total percentage growth for the first half of the year?

  • 12.32%
  • 12%
  • 13%
  • 10%

A portfolio manager decided to reallocate resources by reducing holdings in bond A from 40% to 25% of the portfolio, favoring an increase in bond B's stake from 35% to 50%. What is the percent change of the allocation in bond A?

  • 37.5% decrease
  • 15% decrease
  • 15% increase
  • 30% increase

In a financial newsletter, an article's summary suggests that the central bank is considering raising interest rates to curb inflation. What is the likely immediate impact of this news on the bond market?

  • Bond prices are likely to decrease
  • Bond prices are likely to increase
  • There will be no impact on bond prices
  • Bond prices will show mixed responses

Premised upon the recent economic indicators, evaluate which statement below logically infers the potential outcome for an investment firm specializing primarily in equities?

The report shows a consistent rise in consumer confidence and a significant increase in capital spending across several industries. There have been steady gains in manufacturing output, coupled with a rise in the leading indexes which suggest a solid economic expansion.

  • The firm might experience increased interest in equity investment from clients
  • The firm will likely see immediate decreased interest in all investments
  • The firm should immediately divest from all equity positions
  • The firm will likely maintain a stagnant client interest level

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Bloomberg Assessments Tips

Familiarize With Financial Jargon

Bloomberg is all about financial intelligence, and so is their hiring process. To ace their exams, it's vital to brush up on your financial vocabulary. Our Fintest practice tests include a myriad of terminologies that Bloomberg loves to use. That way, you'll feel right at home with the test content and can focus more on showcasing your incredible analytical skills.

Understand the Bloomberg Way

The Bloomberg ethos is built on innovation and precision. When practicing with our exam suite, pay special attention to questions that are framed around these themes. Understanding the company's values and how they intertwine with their day-to-day operations can give you an edge in providing answers that resonate with their corporate culture.

Hone Your Data Analysis Skills

Data rules the roost at Bloomberg. You'll need to demonstrate keen data interpretation skills during their tests. Our practice exams are teeming with opportunities to analyze patterns, draw conclusions, and make financial predictions, all key talents that Bloomberg is scouting for in their next superstar.

Time Management is Key

With the clock ticking and the pressure mounting, it's easy to lose track of time. But just like the timely news and data Bloomberg provides, you too should practice delivering results within strict timeframes. Use our timed tests at Fintest to get comfortable with the pace and boost your time management abilities before the actual exam.

Stay Calm and Test On

Finally, stay cool under pressure. Bloomberg's environment can be fast-paced and intense, so it's crucial to keep a level head during the exams. Our simulation tests at Fintest offer a real-exam feel so you can practice keeping your composure and making sound decisions, just like you would on the trading floor.

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Bloomberg Assessments FAQs

How long is the Bloomberg hiring process?

The Bloomberg hiring process can take anywhere from 4-12 weeks depending on the number of applicants who have applied to the role and the seniority of the role itself.

What is the Bloomberg Super Day?

The Bloomberg Super Day is the final stage of the Bloomberg hiring process, typically a day-long event that includes a series of interviews, group exercises, and presentations. The Super Day is designed to assess candidates' technical and soft skills, as well as their fit with the company culture and values.

How can I prepare to take the Bloomberg aptitude tests?

You can practice free Bloomberg test questions to get familiar with the format and improve your test score using our online platform - no credit card required.