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Deloitte Aptitude Tests

About Deloitte

Deloitte is a global financial business company that has been providing services such as auditing, legal and tax advice and financial consulting in industries ranging from energy, health, government, and technology. The company was founded over 175 years ago and now employs around 330,000 people across 150 countries and territories. Deloitte UK is the original home where the company started in 1845, and currently has 20,000 employees.

In 2019/20 Deloitte hired nearly 5,000 people, 1800 of which were graduates, interns, and starters. They invest heavily in training and professional development for their employees, as well as schemes that help people globally gain the work skills they need to improve educational and economic outcomes. The ethos of Deloitte in the 21st century is to make an impact that matters, shifting the focus to corporate responsibility and helping clients to make socially and financially ethical decisions while still building capital and achieving business goals.

Deloitte Selection Process

As one of the Big Four in the financial industry, Deloitte is one of the most popular and sought after companies to work for, especially for graduates and young people. The selection process has four stages:

1. Online Application

2. Online Assessment

3. Job Simulation Assessment

4. Final Interview

Although the process itself is not too intensive in terms of how many stages you face, you are competing against a huge amount of other applicants and this number is on the rise. At each stage it is crucial that you pay attention to instructions and put in the work to show that you are a strong and serious candidate.

Deloitte Online Application

Firstly, you will need to make a candidate profile and give in the basic information about you and which area you are applying for. Before applying make sure you thoroughly check that you meet the minimum requirements as they can differ slightly depending on what role you are applying for. If you are not successful and want to reapply, you will usually have to wait 6-12 months to do so, therefore you want to make sure your application is as strong as it can be the first time around.

This step should take around 20 minutes and they will probably ask you some motivational questions, e.g. why are you applying for this particular role, or why are you interested in working for Deloitte. These questions are designed to help assess how well you match to the key competencies that Deloitte are looking for, so you should keep these in mind when giving your answers:

  • Communication
  • Achievement of goals
  • Commercial awareness
  • Career motivation
  • Planning and organisational skills
  • Adaptability
  • Problem-solving

Deloitte Immersive Online Assessment

The immersive online assessment is what Deloitte call the psychometric testing portion of their application process. You will automatically be invited to take this once you have submitted your online application, which means that everyone who applies needs to be prepared for these tests.

Deloitte describes this as a chance to get to know them as they get to know you - This happens through situational judgement tests, which present you with hypothetical, but based on real life, workplace scenarios and ask you to rank responses. Technically there are no wrong or right answers on situational judgement tests, but they will be looking to match your personality to the work culture of the company. Therefore, the best way to prepare is to do your research on Deloitte's values and culture.

Companies like to give these assessments because they find candidates who are not only qualified and capable of the work, but will also thrive in the environment of the workplace, which can have a huge impact on productivity and staff retention. It helps you to know if Deloitte is really where you want to work just as much as it tells them whether they want to hire you.

The test has no official time limit, but it is highly recommended to take it one sitting and on average people finish it in 40 minutes.

Deloitte Job Simulation

The job simulation stage is more intensive, but comes down to providing recorded video answers and written responses to interview questions. The questions will directly relate to the work you will be doing on the job, making it a good chance to find out more about your potential day-to-day activities and gauge how well you will perform.

The test is 18 questions across 4 sections:

Video Response

The video responses will be for a mix of competency, motivation, and scenario-based questions. Again, this assesses how well you will fit in at Deloitte and is your chance to show off how much you know about both the industry overall and Deloitte's work and impact. You will get 2-3 minutes to prepare and the same for your official answer, so focus on being confident and decisive in your answer. This is also the first time that the recruiters are able to see your personality and how you present yourself, try and make sure that your answers reflect you well.

Numerical Reasoning Questions

When working in the financial industry, having strong numerical reasoning skills is extremely important and many companies now use this type of psychometric test to support candidate's applications. During these you will be asked to deal with financial data, showing your knowledge of financial terms and if you are able to deal with interpreting numerical information. While these tests are around GCSE-level in terms of mathematical difficulties, they are challenging as they ask you to deal with large amounts of information, understand correlations, and work within the time limit.

Email Task Simulation

The written response section is often given in the form of an email task, during which you will have to craft an email to a colleague or supervisor, showing how you communicate in a professional setting. Typically, you will be given the details of a task or report and you will have to relay the important information as you think is best for the situation. While you cannot practice this, you should work to be mindful of small mistakes like typos, and make sure that you know how professional and formal emails should be structured.

Deloitte Final Stage Assessment

For the final stage, you will be asked to an assessment day, which can be either face-to-face or virtually.

Live Interview

During the day, everyone invited will be given an interview with a hiring manager in the area of business that they have applied for. There will be a mix of motivation and scenario based questions, similar to the ones that you faced during the job simulation. Again, they are looking for you to show your passion for the area of business that you have applied for, what your career aspirations are, and why Deloitte is the place for you.

Group Exercise

There will also be a group exercise, which is designed to show how you work as part of a team and your preferred working style in a more life-like setting than on a test. Your group will be given a business scenario or issue and you will have to come up with a solution. The key skills that are tested here are: interpersonal, communication, critical thinking, and adaptability, so remember to be aware of these when you are participating.


Lastly, you may have to give a presentation, which you will be informed of in due time if this is the case. It will be in your area of expertise, and will only be five minutes long with a maximum of 4 prepared slides, meaning you have to be concise and efficiently communicate the important aspects of your research, including awareness of issues and how it relates to the area of business you are applying for.

For an even more in-depth guide to all of the aspects of the assessment day, go to Deloitte's final stage guide.

Top tips for success in the Deloitte Selection Process

1. Deloitte is very keen to hire people who are enthusiastic about the financial sector and starting a lifelong career in this business. One of the most important things to emphasise in your application is your knowledge about the company, global events, and why you want to work in finance, so make a note of your motivations and anything that you are particularly passionate about. This will tell them about who you are as a person as well as demonstrating your willingness to learn and have a future-focused attitude.

2. Treat all of your online assessments as seriously as you would an in-person meeting. This means when you are recording responses make sure that you are presented professionally and are in a suitable environment. There should be no mess visible and no one should interrupt your recordings.

3. For the group exercise, Deloitte are looking for team players who understand the importance of working collaboratively and learning from each other. Sometimes it is tempting to be overly assertive to make sure that your voice is heard, but the best approach is to be confident and receptive, not dominating.

4. Practice the psychometric tests beforehand. One of the best ways to improve your performance on the assessments like situational judgement and numerical reasoning is to do as much practice as you can. We have hundreds of practice questions available, so take a look at our test pages to get started.


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