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Pre-employment aptitude testing is common practise in the recruitment process for many big names in finance. Although these assessments are challenging, with the right preparation and practice, candidates can ace them.

This is why, in 2019, we launched Fintest – with the goal of providing an up-to-date finance-specific aptitude testing suite to help people land their dream job.


To develop tests that prepare you for the genuine assessments you'll face in the recruitment process, we worked with chartered occupational psychologists with experience at major publishers like SHL, Korn Ferry, and Kenexa.

Our adaptive learning platform offers thousands of tailor-made test packages covering major test publishers, and the biggest companies in the industry such as Goldman Sachs, HSBC and JP Morgan. This ensures no matter what test is presented to you, you're ready.

Canary Wharf

When we launched we just wanted to help a small number of people improve their aptitude test scores and launch their career in finance. In the last 12 months, we've grown dramatically and now help thousands of candidates from across the globe.