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Cubiks Aptitude Tests

What is a Cubiks Test?

Cubiks is a talent management and assessment company that provides personalised aptitude and psychometric testing for businesses. It creates scientifically backed assessments for hiring and professional development to help employers identify talent and better understand how to support their employees to reach their full potential.

The tests are tailored for the specific needs of the company and the role, so there is a wide range of different skills and traits that they assess. This means that the tests will differ depending on the type of job you're applying for.

Cubiks Logiks Tests

The Cubiks Logiks General tests are broader ability assessments that are used to determine cognitive processing capabilities. These tests cover numerical, verbal, and abstract reasoning, and come in two main levels of difficulty:


On the intermediate test there are 50 questions: 24 verbal, 16 numerical, and 10 abstract. Overall the test will take 12 minutes and 4 minutes are allotted to each section.


On the advanced test there are fewer questions, 30 overall - 12 verbal, 8 numerical, and 10 abstract. However, the questions are significantly harder and this is reflected by the time given, which is 20 minutes for the advanced test with 8 minutes allotted to verbal and numerical sections, and 4 minutes to the abstract reasoning section.

As well as the Logik General tests, which combine the three different cognitive areas into one test, Cubiks also provides advanced level tests for each area.

Logiks Abstract Tests

This type of cognitive test assesses your problem solving and spatial logic abilities. Usually the questions are presented in the format of diagrammatic reasoning, which will show you shapes and patterns, and you will have to identify which image follows the rule of the sequence.

While the type of problems given will be similar between the intermediate and advanced tests, the advanced one will be of a much higher difficulty. If you are taking the specific Logiks Abstract it will consist of 30 questions in a 15 minute time limit, giving you less time to solve more complex questions.

Logiks Numerical Tests

Numerical reasoning tests are becoming a standard part of the hiring process within the financial section as they assess your ability to work with and interpret numerical information, particularly when presented in graphs, diagrams, and statistical tables.

The standalone Logiks numerical test is 25 minutes long and has 20 questions on it. For many people the time limit is one of the most challenging aspects of numerical tests as you have to work quickly but carefully in order not to make simple mistakes.

Logiks Verbal Tests

Strong communication skills are essential in any workplace and verbal reasoning tests are a popular way of testing candidates' language capabilities. These are not grammar or spelling tests, but assess comprehension and critical thinking when it comes to verbal information. Typically, questions are formatted as long blocks of text and comprehension questions, which ask you to identify key information or infer answers from the information you are given.

The Logiks advanced verbal test has 36 questions and you are given 25 minutes to complete. Again, these tests are designed to be challenging, particularly when it comes to the time restriction. Employers are looking to see how well you perform under pressure and manage your time.

Cubiks Situational Judgement Tests

Many employers now use situational judgement tests in order to assess suitability to a workplace environment and the social aspects of a role. During these tests you will be presented with a brief description of a hypothetical scenario that is likely to arise during your job, then you will be asked to rank multiple responses to the situation in order of most to least effective.

These tests can be a helpful indicator of your behavioural traits, decision-making process, and conflict resolution style, but can also be a good insight into what the job will be like for you.

PAPI Personality Assessments

PAPI stands for personality and performative index. They are personality assessments, which take a more in-depth look at behaviours and preferred work style in order to help find the most suitable candidates for a position, or help an employer to better support their team.

The Cubiks Factor test can be given alongside the PAPI tests and is a shorter test that is based off of the big 5 personality traits.

PAPI N test

The PAPI N (normative) is often used as a candidate pre-screening test and has no time limit, but usually takes 25-35 minutes to complete. You will be given a series of statements and asked how much you agree or disagree.

Although there are no right or wrong answers, the tests will be compared against desired behaviours or a control group in order to select the most suitable candidates.

PAPI I test

The PAPI I (Ipsative) is also known as a "forced answer" test as you are asked to choose an answer that describes you the most and one that describes you the least. This test will be more focused and show your workplace behaviour and preferred working style.

Often these are used as part of a professional development plan, but are also used during the later stages of the hiring process. Again, there is no time limit for the PAPI I, however they usually take 30-35 minutes for most people to complete.

Which Financial Employers use Cubiks tests?

The most common use of Cubiks tests is as a pre-interview screening tool, so you are most likely to be given your test early on during the application process. Some of the major companies that use Cubiks tests for candidate screening are:

How to Prepare for and Pass Cubiks tests

Aptitude tests are now an important part of the hiring process and are often used to cut a huge percentage of applications during the initial and early stages. Therefore, being as prepared as possible for them can give you a significant advantage when it comes to landing your dream job. Here are some of our tips on how to prepare for and pass the Cubiks tests:

  • 1. Find out as much as possible about which tests you will be taking. While the test specifics are tailored to each company and role, you should find out which type of Cubiks test you have to take. This will help you know what to focus on.

  • 2. Check your equipment beforehand. Most tests are given online, which means that checking your internet connection and computer are working properly before you get started can save you a lot of stress.

  • 3. Prepare your workspace. If you need a calculator, note paper, pens, etc., make sure to get all of these things ready in advance and set up the space where you are planning to take the test.

  • 4. Manage your time efficiently. While it is important to take care while answering the questions, many people waste too much time stuck on one question instead of moving on. Remember to pay attention to your timings so you can answer as many questions as possible, and come back to the ones you find most difficult at the end.

  • 5. Most importantly: practice. The more practice you can do, the better you will perform on the real thing.


How long is a Cubiks assessment?

The Logiks General (intermediate) is just 12 minutes, while the advanced level is 20 minutes.

The Logiks advanced (verbal and numerical) are both 25 minutes.

There is no time limit on the PAPI tests, they generally take 20-35 minutes.

Are Cubiks tests hard?

The assessments need to be challenging in order to effectively filter out the strongest candidates. However the level of difficulty depends on many factors, for example if you are taking the intermediate or advanced tests, how much practice you have done, and the skill level of the role you are applying for.

How are they scored?

Your test will be scored on correct answers (there is no negative marking), accuracy, and speed, and then given a percentile score for these as well. This is generated by comparing against all of the other scores to show how well you performed against the whole group.

PAPI tests do not have correct answers, but your PAPI N will be compared against other applicant's answers in order to choose the most suitable candidates. PAPI I test results are usually only used for personal development reasons, therefore aren't compared to other people's tests.

Can I fail a Cubiks PAPI test?

As previously mentioned, personality tests do not have right and wrong answers, therefore they are impossible to fail. However, employers are usually looking for a certain type of personality and work preferences, which means that you can attempt to give the answers that show you have the desired qualities.


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What our customers say about our Cubiks Tests

  • United Kingdom

    December 20, 2021

    What’s happening whilst the sequence is going

    The shapes were a bit confusing and I didn’t really understand how to answer the questions properly. But I tried my best and that’s all that matters, and hopefully I did good on the test.

  • United States of America

    April 06, 2022


    The separation between the pattern and the options to fill in the blank is a bit indistinct at times!

  • Malaysia

    March 15, 2022

    Super tough but interesting

    This test is fun and interesting. Might train one's mind in recognising pattern better. Would love to learn more about it!