Cappfinity Assessments

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What are Cappfinity tests?

Cappfinity is a business consultancy that provides pre-employment psychometric assessments to help organisations identify suitable candidates for employment. The psychometric tests they use are referred to as Cappfinity tests.

The assortment of tests analyses the job candidate's intellect and aptitude by focusing on their numerical, communicative and critical skills.

The tests adjust to the candidate's performance as they progress through the assessment; for example, the more questions answered correctly, the more complex the questions become. This way, the candidate is stretched to their potential, providing the employer with a clear indication of the candidate's skill level.

Cappfinity's assessments are founded on science and data and include many possible questions, ensuring that each candidate's test will be varied, detailed, and unlike one another. This variation gives employers a wide and comprehensive insight into their candidates' potential strengths and specialities within the job position for which they have applied.

The different categories of tests include numerical, verbal, and critical reasoning, and situational strengths assessments. This combination allows an insight into a candidate's ability to deal with quantitative and qualitative data interpretation and their communication and analytical skills.


Cappfinity numerical reasoning test

The Cappfinity numerical reasoning test is considered quite challenging, with unlimited duration and assorted question types. The test presents questions concerning numerical data and is designed to assess the candidate's skills in handling and interpreting numerical data.

Questions are presented in different formats, including straightforward question-answer, multiple choice questions and ranking questions. Within the multiple-choice questions, the candidate must pick a suitable answer from an array of options. The simple question-answer format asks the candidate to insert the precise answer themselves, which increases the possibility of mistake. Rank questions ask the candidate to place different variables in order.

Cappfinity numerical reasoning tests can be time-consuming because of their unlimited duration, which is one of the factors that set them apart from alternative aptitude tests.

Cappfinity critical reasoning test

Cappfinity critical reasoning tests focus on the candidate's communication and critical skills when presented with qualitative data. The test presents multiple choice questions that offer the candidate a passage of information with additional comments. They must then investigate and interpret the information, using evidence to draw conclusions.

The questions typically have time constraints of thirty minutes for forty questions and sixty minutes for eighty questions. These critical reasoning tests are regularly used to recruit to graduate, professional and managerial positions and can be completed online or on paper.

Cappfinity verbal reasoning test

The Cappfinity verbal reasoning test measures the candidate's communication skills through various questions, with no set time limit, although the time the candidate takes to complete the test is measured. There are typically five different question types. The drag and drop question format asks the candidate to choose which category the provided responses fit, assessing their ability to pick up on the subtleties of language and expression. Drop down questions require the candidate to pick the correct answer from the provided drop-down answers, measuring their understanding of context. Other questions ask the candidate to edit a passage of text, assessing spelling, grammar, and punctuation skills.

Cappfinity situational strengths test

Employers use the Cappfinity situational strengths test to gain an insight into a candidate's problem-solving skills. The test gives the candidate a written workplace scenario and presents several possible courses of action, of which the candidate must choose their favoured response. Although the basic structure of the test remains the same, the workplace scenarios presented can be tailored to reflect the demands of the role. The test allows the employer to see how efficiently and effectively their potential employee would work in a real-life situation, providing them with an insight into whether they would fit well within both the position and the wider team.

Which financial employers use Cappfinity tests?

Multiple large-scale organisations use Cappfinity's services, including big names such as Barclays, KPMG, Aviva, Grant Thornton, Deloitte and Lloyds Banking Group. The tests are used at both the recruitment stage and also for the internal progression of employees.

Barclays have used Cappfinity's numerical reasoning tests as part of a recruitment strategy. As a result, it has secured a productive workforce that can interact with and interpret numerical data at the required levels.

Aviva's use of Cappfinity's critical reasoning and situational strengths tests has allowed the company to acquire employees with the skillset and competencies to handle typical workplace dilemmas and situations, which is vital in their workforce.

Top 5 tips to prepare and pass your Cappfinity tests

1. The Cappfinity tests are known to be difficult. It is essential to acquaint yourself with Cappfinity's alternative questioning method and their testing processes in advance, so you are prepared for the questions.

2. Research the organisation and the position for which you are applying to help you get a better idea of the employer's requirements. Look at their company principles and priorities and the type of work they routinely undertake. These small details may help you answer the Cappfinity test questions that are tailored to that particular organisation.

3. Prepare your mindset to aim for success. A confident, positive outlook can help you work through difficult parts of the tests. On the night before your assessment, refrain from drinking alcohol, and get a good night's sleep.

4. Despite the absence of a time limit in the real test, setting time limits during practice can effectively help you work through the test with greater rigour and efficiency. In the real test, be mindful of the time but don't let it distract you. Take enough time to read the instructions and questions carefully to save you from making any minor clumsy mistakes.

5. A quiet environment with no interruptions will help you practice more effectively and is crucial if taking the real test at home. Remove any distractions such as children or pets, and make sure you have a strong WIFI connection.

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Cappfinity Assessments FAQs

What do I need to complete my Cappfinity test?

You will take the tests online, so they can be completed from home or another location, such as an assessment centre. Aside from that, you'll just need to see a clock to help with timekeeping. On the day, you'll have the chance to practice the tests under test conditions before you start.

Are Cappfinity tests hard?

Cappfinity tests are known to be more difficult than some other psychometric tests. Demanding tests ensure that the organisation is securing a competent employee who will work efficiently and productively within the role and have a future within the organisation.

How are Cappfinity tests scored?

The scoring system is based on algorithmic scoring, though the specific details for this are undisclosed. However, it is vital that your answers are precise and you keep a tight timing, as both these factors influence your scoring.

How long are Cappfinity tests?

Unlike other pre-employment testing services, Cappfinity tests don't have a set time limit for their candidates. The test lasts for as long as it takes the candidate to finish. However, it is worth noting that the time it takes will affect your scoring.