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Careers at Rothschild and Co

For those looking for a career in financial advisory services, Rothschild & Co is one of the largest - and oldest - businesses.

With more than 3,600 employees in more than 40 countries across the world, this global business offers many opportunities for careers in global advisory services, wealth and asset management, as well as merchant banking. With more than 200 years of experience in the financial markets, Rothschild & Co is a truly family-owned financial business.

Global Advisory

Covering mergers and acquisitions as well as strategic advice, this division provides in-depth insight to find the best possible solutions for businesses going through change on a global scale. Including debt advisory services, restructuring and strategic capital considerations to help businesses make money at all levels while protecting themselves.

Wealth Management

Providing advice for individuals and corporations about investing, structuring and safeguarding assets, including overseas investments and global asset management.

Asset Management

Innovative investment solutions, including Risk-based and Open Architecture Solutions, with Active/conviction management.

Merchant Banking

The investment arm of Rothschild & Co consists of a series of funds that are dedicated to corporate and secondary private equity, co-investments and multi-managers funds.

Responsible investing needs a respect for risk and a culture of partnership, but through different strands of investment, including direct lending, credit management, and corporate private equity, the multiple strategy investments offer strong returns while limiting exposure to risk.

Careers at Rothschild and Co

As a business, Rothschild & Co are committed to creating an organisation that is both principled and diverse, with a focus on corporate responsibility as well as diversity and inclusion.

During a career at Rothschild & Co, employees can take advantage of bespoke and individualised training, coaching and development opportunities, as well as the following benefits:

  • Excellent salary
  • Retirement planning
  • Health, wellbeing, and fitness
  • Child and family care
  • Leave - holiday and others
  • Flexible working policies

With career options including Early Insight days, internships and apprenticeships as well as graduate schemes and roles for experienced professionals, there are so many routes into Rothschild & Co for potential candidates.

For Graduates, there are approximately 160 places per year, with all graduates in the intake coming together in London for a six-week Global Graduate Training Programme before more bespoke coaching and development happens.

For Experienced Professionals, roles are available in:

  • Global Advisory
  • Wealth Management
  • Asset Management
  • Merchant Banking
  • Support Businesses (such as Corporate Communications, Corporate Responsibility, Finance, HR, Information Technology, Internal Audit, Research, and Risk)

Rothschild and Co Application Process

The application process is structured to screen candidates, ensuring that the best applicants are taken forward for the advertised opportunities. The process might be slightly different depending on the role you have applied for; the below steps are usually found in Graduate Schemes.

Rothschild and Co Application Form

The initial stage of the application process is to provide a polished CV and cover letter, highlighting achievements and experience as well as the skills and qualifications that you have which match the requirements of the role.

The job description will have all the details about the minimum criteria that you will have to meet to be considered.

The minimum entry requirements for a Graduate Program placement include a degree - a minimum of 2:1 either achieved or projected. Other requirements include:

  • Good communication skills
  • Sound judgement
  • Creativity
  • Drive and ambition
  • Executional Excellence
  • Comfortable with numeracy

If your application fits the minimum criteria, then you will be contacted by the recruitment team for the next steps once they have reviewed your details.

Rothschild and Co First Round Interview

The first round interview is an opportunity for the recruitment team to get to know you - to go over details in your CV and cover letter, as well as discussing your motivations for wanting to work at Rothschild & Co.

You can expect to answer questions about why you have chosen to apply, and why the role you have chosen in particular. You are likely to be asked why they should consider you, and what you can bring to the business.

To be successful in the initial interview, whether face-to-face, via video, or over the telephone, is to demonstrate that not only do you have the experience and skills they are looking for, but also that you know about the business and the wider financial markets, too.

Rothschild & Co is a very principled business, and this needs to be demonstrated by potential candidates throughout the whole application process.

Rothschild Aptitude Tests

Rothschild Numerical Reasoning Test

If you are successful in the first round interview(s), you might be asked to complete a numerical reasoning assessment. This test is not necessarily a maths test, although you are likely to be asked to complete some simple calculations.

The assessment is judging your comfort with numbers, particularly when they are presented in tables and graphs. You will be expected to quickly read, understand and analyse financial information presented graphically and then use that information to find the right answer out of a multiple-choice selection.

The numerical reasoning tests are bespoke assessments created by SHL, a well-known test publisher, and have a time limit of 20-25 minutes.

Practice makes perfect on psychometric assessments like numerical reasoning, even if you are comfortable working with numbers and financial information - the 'exam' conditions can add extra pressure with unfamiliarity, so it is best to give yourself the best chance through getting more comfortable with it.

Rothschild Mechanical Reasoning Test

In a similar way, mechanical reasoning tests assess your knowledge of the basic physics principles that create mechanical action, such as gravity, electricity, acceleration, levers, gears and pulleys.

Each question is based on a technical drawing or other image, and requires you to apply your knowledge of each principle in order to find the right answer from a series of multiple choice options. The basic mechanical principles are not difficult; the assessment is of your logical ability to see how things work.

Although not all positions require mechanical knowledge, it is best to be prepared to sit a 20-25 minute assessment of your knowledge of basic (GCSE level) physics, like Newtonian law and how circuits work. Again, this assessment is tailored to Rothschild & Co by SHL, and there are various practice tests available online that can help you to feel more comfortable with the structure and layout of the real thing.

Rothschild Assessment Centre

One of the final steps in the Graduate recruitment process is the Assessment Centre. This multi-step, all day assessment is a chance for the HR and recruitment team to watch you in action.

During the day, there are numerous different activities undertaken by several attendees that are designed to help you demonstrate the qualities and values that Rothschild & Co are looking for in candidates.

You can expect to undertake at least one face-to-face interview with senior staff. These are likely to be behavioural questions, where you will be expected to present examples of your previous experience that show you share the same values as the business - as described above (creativity, numeracy, teamwork, etc).

There will also be a presentation on a case study, where you will be expected to find a solution to a problem and present your findings to the group and to the assessment team. You are likely to be asked questions during the presentation too.

There are likely to be group exercises that you will have to undertake. Some of these are going to be business-related, while others might be more 'hands-on' and fun. During these exercises you will need to demonstrate leadership, collaboration, listening skills and teamwork to be successful.

Throughout the Assessment Centre it is worth remembering that you are under constant assessment, so be sure to keep the values of the business, like being principled and showing great judgement.

Sample Rothschild & Co Assessments question Test your knowledge!

Score: /5

If a wealth manager applies force to a lever at 3 meters from the fulcrum to lift an underperforming asset with a force of 50 N, what is the required effort force when the distance to the fulcrum on the other side is reduced to 1 meter?

  • 150 N
  • 50 N
  • 100 N
  • 200 N

An investor wants to compare the projected returns on two investments over a 5-year period. Investment A offers an annual interest rate of 4% compounded yearly, while Investment B provides a 3.75% annual rate with continuous compounding. What is the difference in the returns of the two investments at the end of 5 years if the investor initially invests $10,000 in each?

  • $48.15
  • $124.62
  • $200.50
  • $303.01

A portfolio manager is analyzing the weight of different stocks in a diversified portfolio. If the total value of the portfolio is $2,000,000, and Stock A comprises 6% of the portfolio's total value, how much would the value of Stock A need to increase to become 8% of the total portfolio value?

  • $20,000
  • $40,000
  • $60,000
  • $80,000

A fund management company assesses risk using the force of financial gravity on investment portfolios. Assuming a directly proportional relationship between portfolio risk (R) and market volatility (V), if a portfolio's R value doubles when V increases by 50%, what is the multiplication factor for R when V increases by 100%?

  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 6

In a simple pulley system employed to raise an investment portfolio's performance, which principle can explain the extra force needed to overcome a sudden market downturn?

  • Leverage
  • Gravity
  • Magnetic attraction
  • Mechanical advantage

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Rothschild & Co Assessments Tips

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Rothschild & Co has a rich history that spans over two centuries. Showing an understanding of their legacy in your test answers can demonstrate a deeper appreciation for the company's values and heritage. Dive into their milestones and past financial trends that have shaped their business.

Understand the Sector Inside Out

When preparing for your practice exams on Fintest, it's useful to keep abreast of current affairs in finance as they can often influence the type of questions asked. Rothschild & Co operates in a wide range of financial services, so broad knowledge can help you anticipate and answer more effectively.

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Jobs in financial sectors require keen analytical abilities. Through the practice exams offered on Fintest, hone your skills to dissect complex financial problems. Being able to tastefully dissect and analyze information shows that you're ready to take on the challenges at Rothschild & Co.

Practice with Precision

Attention to detail is crucial in the financial industry. Utilize Fintest's practice exams to refine your precision in answering questions. Accuracy can make a significant difference in how your skills are perceived, and practicing diligently can help reduce errors in the real test environment.

Time Management is Key

The hiring process in financial services often includes time-pressured tests. On Fintest, simulate the exam environment and practice managing your time effectively. Being able to budget your minutes wisely can leave a strong impression and show that you're well-prepared for the pace of the job at Rothschild & Co.

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Rothschild & Co Assessments FAQs

How long does the hiring process take?

The hiring process at Rothschild can take between 4-8 weeks.

What are Rothschild's core values?

Rothschild's core values include integrity, excellence, entrepreneurship, stewardship, and teamwork.

Where can I prepare for the Rothschild tests?

You can practice free Rothschild test questions to get familiar with the format and improve your test score using our online platform - no credit card required.