LEK Consulting Assessments

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Careers at LEK Consulting

Founded in 1983, LEK Consulting is a global strategy consulting firm. It focuses on the areas of corporate strategy, mergers and acquisitions, operations, and marketing and sales.

It performs these services across a variety of industries including Business Services, Consumer Products, Education and Travel and Transport.

It also has capabilities in Data & Analytics, Disruption Management, Organisation & Performance, Post-Merger Integration, Private Equity and Value Activation.

The breadth of business areas and industries means that LEK Consulting provides great opportunities for diverse and challenging careers.

There are many varied roles available for all career levels at LEK, including consultant, specialist, PhD analyst, manager, senior manager, principal and partner roles.

The company also employs core service staff in marketing, finance, IT and human resources.

There are Summer Associate internship roles for undergraduate students and Summer Consultant positions for MBA students, to help kick start consulting careers.

As a global company, there are opportunities to join LEK in the Americas, Asia, Europe and Australia.

LEK Consulting Values

LEK prides itself on its collaborative and non-hierarchical culture, within an energetic, entrepreneurial environment. Its vibrant office culture includes a calendar of social events and ample opportunity to bond with colleagues.

Investment in training ensures employees can learn, grow and advance. LEK's established and growing practice areas give employees the chance to develop their own professional interests to forge a varied and fulfilling career.

LEK Consulting Application Process

The LEK Consulting application process is a competitive, multi-stage process that consists of an online application, psychometric testing, and a series of interviews - which feature both case study exercises and questions exploring your professional background and experience.

The exact recruitment process differs slightly depending upon your region and the level of role you are applying for.

Note that you can only submit one application to any of the LEK Consulting offices per year.

LEK Consulting Online Application

The first stage of the recruitment process is to identify the vacancy that interests you, and log an online application. The online application portal used by LEK Consulting is provided by Oleeo.

You'll need to fill in your personal details and provide information about your educational background and work experience. Ensure your answers are succinct and convey your relevant experience for the role to which you are applying.

The recruitment team at LEK Consulting wants to understand your strengths and the skills you could bring to the company, so be sure to sell your talents on the page.

LEK Consulting Aptitude Tests

If you pass the initial screening, you'll be invited to complete a selection of online aptitude tests. These tests give an insight into a candidate's skill set as well as their mental agility.

The tests are completed under timed conditions, so you must work quickly and accurately through the questions.

Depending upon your chosen role, you may encounter the following:

LEK Consulting Numerical Reasoning Test

A numerical reasoning test assesses your ability to interpret data and handle numbers. You'll be presented with data in the form of graphs, tables or charts, and required to answer questions on the content. These may well be connected to a client scenario.

The questions will involve general arithmetic (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division), fractions, ratios, percentages, sequences and basic algebra. They will all be multiple-choice.

LEK Consulting Verbal Reasoning Test

A verbal reasoning test explores your ability to read, analyse and interpret passages of text. You'll be presented with a series of paragraphs and required to answer questions related to the information they hold.

In the most common form of a question, you'll be asked whether - given the information you have been provided with - a certain sentence is 'true', 'false' or if you 'cannot say'.

There may also be questions on the use of language (such as identifying synonyms and antonyms) and grammar within the passages.

LEK Consulting Logical Reasoning Test

In a logical reasoning test, your ability to logically interpret patterns and decipher sequences will be assessed. You'll be presented with sequences featuring both shapes and symbols, and asked to select the next item from a series of multiple-choice options.

These sequences may involve rotation, mirroring, transformation and translation of the components, so ensure you are able to identify these functions.

LEK Consulting Situational Judgement Test

A situational judgement test (SJT) presents candidates with a series of hypothetical workplace scenarios. It aims to explore how you would deal with different situations, and judge alignment with LEK Consulting's ways of working, values and culture.

You'll be presented with a set of multiple-choice answers and asked to select the option that most closely reflects the course of action you would take. Before sitting this test, ensure you are well-versed on LEK Consulting's values and workplace culture.

Preparing for Your Aptitude Tests

The best way to prepare for your aptitude assessments is to complete practice tests. Review your answers to see where your strengths are, and identify which areas might need some more targeted preparation.

It is also important to keep track of your pace to ensure that you are working at the speed required to finish the test within the given time limit.

To progress to the next stage of the process, you'll need to achieve high scores across all the tests set.

LEK Consulting Interviews

The LEK Consulting hiring process can include several interview rounds. Some interviews will take a familiar format, and you'll be asked questions on your skills and experience. Others will feature case studies.

LEK Consulting Competency-Based Interview

During the question-based interview(s), you'll be asked to elaborate on the experience you detailed on your application form. You'll need to back up your answers with examples, to evidence your capability and suitability for your chosen role.

Using the STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Result) format is a good way of structuring strong and concise responses.

There will also be questions about your motivation for working within management consulting, and your specific interest in working for LEK Consulting. Do your research on the organisation, so that you are aware of any recent company or sector developments and can speak intelligently to these.

Remember that an interview is a two-way process - it is also an opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have about working for LEK Consulting.

It is good practice to prepare a few questions in advance of your interview. An insightful question is an excellent way to convey both your knowledge and your enthusiasm for working at LEK.

LEK Consulting Case Study Interview

During the case study interview(s), you'll be presented with a case study and a selection of relevant information needed to answer a particular question or come up with a solution for a client. This may be in the form of emails, briefs, reports or news articles.

You'll be given time to read through the information and prepare your answer. You'll then present your work to the interviewer. Be prepared to answer questions on your decisions and defend the direction you have proposed.

These case study interviews give the recruitment team a good idea of how you would cope when faced with client challenges and business decisions.

Make sure to use all the information available to form a course of action that you are comfortable justifying under pressure. The goal is to impress with your logical, innovative solution to the problem presented, and your ability to adeptly communicate it.

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LEK Consulting Assessments FAQs

Is the LEK aptitude test timed?

The L.E.K. aptitude test (also known as the L.E.K. online case), is typically timed. Candidates are usually given a limited amount of time to complete the test, which assesses their problem-solving, analytical, and quantitative skills.

Is it hard to get hired at L.E.K. Consulting?

Getting hired at L.E.K. Consulting can be competitive due to the firm's prestigious reputation in the management consulting industry. Success in securing a job depends on your qualifications, prior experience, and performance during each hiring stage.

What does L.E.K Consulting look for?

L.E.K. Consulting looks for candidates with strong analytical and problem-solving skills, excellent communication and interpersonal abilities, teamwork, adaptability, and a strong work ethic. They also value industry-specific knowledge and relevant experience in the consulting field.

Where can I prepare for the LEK Consulting assessments?

You can practice free LEK Consulting test questions to get familiar with the format and improve your test score using our online platform - no credit card required.