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Careers at Atkins

A subsidiary of SNC-Lavalin, Atkins is a multinational consultancy firm specialising in design, engineering, and project management.

Combined with its parent company, it is one of the largest project management consultancies in operation today, employing over 50,000 people worldwide. It's core teams cover aerospace, defence, security and technology, transportation, infrastructure, nuclear and clean power, and resources.

For finance graduates, it offers an exciting opportunity to be an integral part of any of its project teams, and you'll work on everything from account preparation to budgeting.

The most popular route to entry is through its graduate development programme, a three-year scheme that equips successful candidates with skills, knowledge and experience to progress their careers, as well as professional qualifications where applicable.

Atkins Application Process

The application process for the Atkins graduate development programme is formed of multiple stages, each an opportunity for you to showcase your best qualities and talent.

At each step, it's important to show understanding of and alignment to the firm's core values of:

  • Safety
  • Integrity
  • Collaboration
  • Innovation

Atkins encourages applicants to explore all roles available, as it's operations are so diverse, and you may find interests in an area you had not initially considered.

It should be noted though that you are only permitted one application per recruitment cycle, so choose your position wisely.

Atkins Online Application

Once you've explored the roles available and found the right one for you, you'll need to complete an initial registration process.

There's nothing complex about this stage. It's just a matter of filling out some basic personal details, along with a snapshot of your academic background.

It's essentially a way to let Atkins know you're interested in a particular role, and that you meet the minimum qualification criteria.

Atkins Aptitude Tests

Atkins Situational Judgement Test

Atkins then uses a situational judgement test to assess your workplace behaviours and values.

It's a video based test, during which you'll work through 13 hypothetical scenarios. You'll need to assess each situation and provide an honest answer to how you would react under the circumstances.

The test is bespoke, created specifically for Atkins, so the scenarios are a realistic representation of those you'd likely encounter as an Atkins employee.

It's important you give this test your full attention. Each scenario has been carefully designed and tested on the firm's most successful graduate recruits, so you'll be expected to meet quite a high benchmark.

Your performance will also determine whether you progress to the next stage.

There is no time limit on this test, so take your time and think carefully about how you would realistically respond to each given scenario.

Atkins Full Application

If you pass the situational judgement test, you'll be asked to complete a more detailed online application.

Here, you'll elaborate on information given in the registration process including specific details on your education, like degree core modules.

You'll also need to answer three long form questions. These are designed to give Atkins insight into your skills, interests and motivations.

Prepare your answers carefully. Think about the qualities required for the role, and provide examples of how you've demonstrated these in the past.

You'll also need to show a keen understanding of Atkins as an organisation - how it operates, what it stands for, and how it can help you achieve your long term career goals.

Atkins Telephone Briefing Call

On passing the application stage, you'll be invited to arrange a telephone briefing call at a time convenient to you.

This will be with your personal recruitment advisor, and whilst referred to as a briefing call, it's essentially a screening interview and should be treated as such.

You'll be asked further questions about your reasons for applying, and why you see yourself as a good fit, both for the role and Atkins as a company.

Your advisor will talk to you in greater detail about the position, and explain the next steps in the recruitment process.

If you have any questions, use this as an opportunity to ask them, but be sure they're appropriate and don't imply a lack of preparation.

Atkins Virtual Interview

The next stage is a virtual interview, held with one or more members of the team to which you've applied.

You can expect a mix of competency and skills based questions here, as well as further questioning on your knowledge of Atkins, and why you've chosen the firm to support your career aspirations.

As a live virtual interview, you'll need to present the best version of yourself. If you're uncomfortable talking to a camera, it's advisable to set up a mock interview with a friend or family member for practice.

You should also prepare as you would for any interview - do your research, consider your experience and how it shows relevant qualities, and prepare some questions of your own for the interview panel.

Atkins Virtual Assessment Centre

For the final stage in the process, you'll take part in a virtual assessment centre. This is a two-way opportunity - a chance for the hiring team to see your skills in action, and a chance for you to experience Atkins working culture.

You'll be joined by fellow applicants, and complete a series of exercises, all of which have been carefully designed to test competencies Atkins deems relevant for success on its graduate programme.

The exact exercises will be role dependent, but a typical schedule includes:

A written task - this is an individual exercise used to measure your analytical abilities.

A group task - here you'll collaborate with other candidates, showing your flair for effective communication and teamwork.

A technical test and interview - the technical test will focus on the specific skills needed for the role, whilst the interview will give the relevant team manager a chance to learn more about who you are and what you can bring to the company.

Throughout the day, you should engage as much as possible, and try to let your personality shine through. Don't second guess what you think Atkins is looking for - the hiring team are interested in the real you, so be yourself.

If you're successful, Atkins will contact you as soon as possible with a job offer and information on next steps.

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Atkins Assessments FAQs

What skills do Atkins online assessment test?

Atkins online assessment tests typically cover numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, critical thinking, problem-solving, attention to detail, and other relevant competencies depending on the role being applied for.

How long does the Atkins recruitment process take?

The recruitment process varies depending on the role but generally you can expect the entire process to take between 4-6 weeks.

Is Atkins a good company to work for?

Yes, Atkins staff enjoy excellent salaries and benefits, as well as a stimulating work environment where they can grow professionally while gaining invaluable experience. The company also offers flexible working hours and other perks such as regular team building activities which help to foster strong relationships between colleagues.

What are Atkins core values?

Safety, integrity, innovation and collaboration are the core values at Atkins.

How can I prepare for the Atkins aptitude tests?

To prepare for Atkins aptitude tests, candidates can practice their numerical and verbal reasoning skills, review sample questions and assessments, familiarize themselves with the company and the specific role, and manage their time effectively during the test. Practice tests and study materials are also available online to help prepare for Atkins aptitude tests.