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Careers at BDO

Binder Dijker Otte is a large accounting firm that advises businesses in the UK. Their key services include forensic accounting, tax advice, risk management, and corporate finance. The business operates globally with over 1,500 offices across 160 countries.

If you're looking to land a dream job at BDO their recruitment process is made for you to show off your skills rather than your knowledge.

BDO pride themselves on creating an environment where their employees can develop strong connections and meaningful relationships. Their key values are:

  • Accountability for end results

  • Adaptability

  • Growing our business

  • Inspiring leadership

  • Client service

  • Commercial mindset

  • Great communication

  • People management

  • Personal development

  • Proactiveness

  • Team player

  • Cooperation

If you are looking for a career at BDO, this guide should give you the tools you need to get shortlisted and hired. You might also find it useful to study information on the BDO's career page.

BDO Application Process

As with most large accounting firms, BDO hires the best of the best so preparing for the hiring process is crucial - particularly the SHL-style numerical, verbal, deductive reasoning as well as other assessments.

There are four key parts to Binder Dijker Otte's application process:

1. Online application

2. Interactive assessment (aptitude tests)

3. Video interview

4. Virtual assessment centre

So how do you get the confidence to do well during the recruitment stages? Familiarise yourself with the four key stages listed above. Using this guide, you can improve your confidence, skill, and knowledge in what it takes for successful candidates to stand out.

BDO Online Application

The first stage of the recruitment process is choosing the role you wish to apply for and fill out a standard application form. The application requires you to fill out your background and work information including education, previous work experience as well as asking some questions relevant to the role.

Make sure you answer the questions in full and plan the answers in advance. Your effort in this first stage will be well worth it when potentially being shortlisted later on in the process. Also, be sure to submit your application early and always double-check your forms for any mistakes - attention to detail is important at this stage.

BDO Aptitude Tests

The next stage is the online assessment tests. These exams consist of numerical reasoning tests, behavioural assessments, critical reasoning, and a verbal reasoning test, produced by the testing publisher SHL. If you qualify, you will be sent an invitation to take the aptitude tests to progress further. Try to practice as many tests as possible by answering questions and understanding the format of each of these.

Most employers will shortlist the top-scoring candidates so you must put some thought and effort into preparing for these. The difficulty of your tests will depend on the role you've applied for so try to ensure you read all the information in the aptitude test invite email.

BDO Behavioural Assessment

According to BDO "The assessment has been designed to look for grit and determination, a willingness to embrace our digital reality, and your ability to apply your creativity and knowledge to solve any problem."

Generally, throughout the BDO recruitment process your behaviour and actions are being assessed - so keep this in mind, particularly during the virtual assessment centre and 3 aptitude test types.

BDO Numerical Reasoning Test

The numerical reasoning test tests your ability to recognise patterns and trends within numerical data and chats. The tests are crucial for performing well at BDO as your role might likely require sharp numerical skills and a strong ability to interpret data. The level of maths required is around basic GCSE level and consists of approximately 21 questions for which you will be given exactly 21 minutes to solve.

BDO Verbal Reasoning Test

BDO's verbal reasoning test is the second SHL publishing test you will be required to take. It will judge your ability to extract information from a large passage of text. You will have approximately 15 minutes to answer 30 questions (approx 45 seconds per question).

Our top tip is to read the passage first before looking at the questions and only use the information you have been provided.

BDO Critical Reasoning Test

A critical reasoning test involves testing your judgement in different scenarios where you must analyze a situation to make the right choices. It tests your logical and rational skills - which are important to work for an employer such as BDO. It depends on what type of role you choose if you will have to take this particular test - they are typically used in the management area, as in the hiring of managers, supervisors, and graduates.

BDO Video Interview

If you have passed your SHL assessment tests the next stage is a first-round interview in a video format. The questions are strength-based and provide you the opportunity to talk about what you enjoy doing and your core strengths. It's a good idea to practice test interview questions beforehand so you don't mix your words up and have some key points to talk about. Try to present several different examples from your work experience that demonstrate your core skills. The more examples the better as it proves you are well-rounded in different situations.

BDO Virtual Assessment Centre

Virtual assessment centres might sound overwhelming or scary but as long as you attend feeling prepared you should ace this section with confidence. You'll be assessed by senior BDO members across a variety of exercises including a group exercise, individual presentation, final interview, and written task.

BDO Group Exercise

The BDO group exercise examines your ability to work as a team to draw conclusions and communicate your ideas. You'll need to demonstrate your communication skills and ability to be a team player so speak in a clear, confident manner and try to add value to the conversations.

BDO Individual Presentation

BDO will provide you with a topic to create a presentation on which is a mandatory task. You will need to give an approximate 20-minute presentation along with a Q&A after. Questions might include - "if you got the chance to present this task again what would you do differently?"

BDO Final Interview

Your final interview is your opportunity to find out more about the company and ask any questions you need to. Come equipped with some thought-provoking topics and conversations to demonstrate your interest and intellect.

The hiring manager wants to see your genuine enthusiasm to work for BDO and so it is important to stand out as not just another employee looking for a job.

BDO Written Exercise

In this assessment, you will be given a case study problem and need to prepare a written response to a specific brief. Our top tip is to read the information carefully, check your spelling, and watch your timings.

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BDO Assessments FAQs

How can I prepare for the BDO aptitude tests?

You can practice free BDO test questions to get familiar with the format and improve your test score using our online platform - no credit card required.

What are BDO's core values?

BDO's core values are:

  • Honesty and integrity
  • Support and respect
  • Personal and professional client relationships
  • Empowerment and personal responsibility
Is the BDO test difficult?

Generally, the BDO assessments are designed to challenge applicants. The best performers are more likely to be shortlisted.