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Revelian Aptitude Tests

Formerly known as OneTest, Revelian has a suite of aptitude tests spanning numerical, cognitive, verbal and abstract reasoning. All of these tests are designed to help employers, such as those in the financial industry, to choose the best applicant possible for a job based on their skills, competencies, personality and values. Here are the tests they offer:

Revelian numerical reasoning test

The Revelian numerical assessment examines your knowledge of ratios, percentages, number sequences, data interpretation, financial analysis and currency conversion. The test is only 12 minutes long but in this time you’ll need to answer 25 questions.

Revelian verbal reasoning test

This test requires you to demonstrate your reading, writing and comprehension skills. The test is 10 minutes long and consists of 35 questions.

Revelian cognitive ability test

Cognitive ability tests are quite broad in that they cover numerical, verbal, abstract, spatial and mechanical reasoning. The questions can be easy or hard, depending on the type of ability and level of seniority being assessed. The Revelian cognitive ability test is 20 minutes long and consists of 51 questions.

Revelian abstract reasoning test

In this test you’ll show how you can determine the relationships between shapes and figures, identifying rules and sequences that help you arrive at an answer. This test is 10 minutes long and consists of 32 questions.

Other Revelian tests

The work preferences profile test consists of 84 questions and isn’t timed. The questions on this test uncover your willingness to work within several different workplace areas so that an employer can determine the type of role that suits your character. The areas include:

  • Clerical: administrative work
  • Selling: promoting goods and services
  • Mobile: working outdoors
  • Creative: pioneering and innovating new concepts
  • Manual: practical work
  • Interpersonal: interacting with people
  • Investigative: research
  • Quantitative: working with numbers


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