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Careers at Moore Global

Moore Stephens (Moore Global) is a top 15 finance firm in the UK. The company has its origins in London, but today it has a global reach with offices in major financial centers around the world.

Moore Stephens provides a full range of financial services to both corporate and individual clients. These include auditing, tax, corporate finance, restructuring, and wealth management.

The firm has a strong commitment to providing high-quality services to its clients. This is evidenced by its long-standing relationships with many major corporations and financial institutions. Moore Stephens is a well-respected member of the finance community and is highly regarded for their professionalism and expertise.

Moore Stephens offers excellent career opportunities for those looking to enter the finance industry. With a strong focus on client satisfaction and a commitment to providing quality services, Moore Stephens is a great place to start your finance career.

The firm offers many different types of positions, from entry-level jobs to senior management positions, so there is something for everyone. Moore Stephens also provides training and development opportunities to help employees grow in their careers. If you are interested in a career in finance, Moore Stephens is definitely worth considering.

Moore Global Application Process

Moore Global Online Application

To begin your application, you will be required to send your CV and complete an online form. It's important at this stage to ensure you submit an up-to-date resume and make sure it's free from errors.

A preliminary assessment is carried out by the team at Moore Stephens on the basis of the submitted documents.

The process in total can take up to 3 weeks.

Moore Global Aptitude Tests

Many financial employers use some form of assessment to test candidate skills before shortlisting them.

You may be asked to take a range of problem-solving assessments including:

  • Financial reasoning
  • Numerical reasoning
  • Verbal reasoning
  • English writing test

These tests are typically multiple-choice and timed, with each test score contributing to your overall score.

Those who are successful and have demonstrated having the right skills and qualifications will be invited to the next stage in the process.

Moore Global Financial Reasoning

A financial reasoning test is a common assessment used in the finance industry to assess your ability to understand and use basic financial concepts.

The financial reasoning test is typically divided into two sections: math and verbal. In the math section, questions cover topics such as basic arithmetic, fractions, decimals, percentages, and interest rates. In the verbal section, questions assess a person's ability to read and comprehend financial documents such as balance sheets and income statements.

Most aptitude tests are timed, so it is important to practice before taking the actual test. There are many online resources that provide sample questions and tips for taking the financial reasoning test. With a little preparation, you can ace this important job assessment tool.

Moore Global Numerical Reasoning Tests

A numerical reasoning test is an assessment that will assess your ability to solve numerical problems. The test usually consists of 20-30 questions, and you are given a set time limit in which to answer them. The questions typically involve mathematical calculations, and you may be required to use basic concepts such as percentages, ratios, and averages.

Moore Global Verbal Reasoning Tests

A verbal reasoning test assesses your ability to understand and work with written language. It is often used as a way to assess your skills in reading comprehension and logical reasoning. For certain roles you may be given a verbal reasoning assessment as part of the hiring process.

Moore Global English Writing Test

An English writing test is a great way to determine a candidate's aptitude for writing and English-level ability. There are many different formats for these tests, but they all assess your ability to communicate clearly and effectively in written English.

Most tests will give you a prompt or topic to write about, and then you'll have a set amount of time to complete your piece. Once you're finished, your work will be evaluated on several factors, including grammar, spelling, organization, and clarity.

Moore Global HR Interview

If you are successfully shortlisted, you may be required to take part in an HR interview.

The interviewer will ask questions about your experience, skills, and knowledge in order to determine whether you are a good fit for the role. The interview may also include questions about the company's culture and values, to ensure that the candidate is a good cultural fit.

You might also be asked about your salary expectations and availability.

Moore Global Assessment Center

The final stage of the process is an assessment center. The assessment center may include the following activities depending on the role you've applied for:

  • Presentations about the firm and the training contract;
  • Interview with a partner or manager
  • Office tour
  • Group exercise (business case study)
  • Written exercise
  • Assessment test retake

Moore Global Group Exercise (business case study)

A group exercise interview format is a type of job interview in which candidates are assessed by their performance in a group task. This type of interview is often used to assess teamwork skills and the ability to work under pressure.

Candidates are typically given a scenario or problem to solve as a team and are then observed by the interviewer(s) while they work. The interviewer may also ask questions about the candidates' process and how they interacted with other members of the group.

Group exercise interviews can be useful for employers because they provide insight into how candidates handle working in a team environment.

Moore Global Written Exercise

In order to get a good feel for a person's writing abilities, many employers will ask for a written exercise during the interview process. This is usually in the form of a short essay or letter and may be on any topic chosen by the employer.

While it may seem like an unusual way to assess someone's writing skills, employers often find that the written exercise interview provides valuable insights that other types of interviews don't. It also allows employers to see how well a candidate can think on their feet and organize their thoughts.

If you're asked to do a written exercise during an interview, don't panic! Just take a deep breath and remember that you're being evaluated on your writing ability, not your knowledge of any particular subject.

Moore Global Assessment Test Retake

You may be asked to resit your earlier assessments if they were taken online. This is to ensure consistency across your problem-solving abilities and also to deter cheating.

Moore Global Interviews

Depending on the role you apply for you may be required to participate in up to 3 interviews.

Typically this involves an initial interview with HR and a final interview with your manager lasting approximately two hours.

The interview questions are mostly CV based - you will also be asked some behavioral questions.

For example:

  • Can you tell me about a time when you showed exceptional problem-solving skills
  • How would your friends describe you?
  • Why do you want to choose this job?

To prepare for your interviews, it is highly recommended to use the STAR method of answering questions (situation, task, action, response).

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Moore Global Assessments Tips

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Become familiar with how the questions are presented and which topics are covered. Familiarity breeds confidence.

Time Management

Learn how long to spend on each section; this could make the difference between rushing or finishing comfortably.

Practice, Practice, Practice

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Moore Global Assessments FAQs

What are the Moore Global tests?

The Moore Global tests are assessment tools used during their recruitment process. These tests are tailored to measure different abilities that are essential for financial positions within the company, such as analytical skills, problem-solving, and numerical reasoning.

Are the Moore Global tests hard?

The difficulty of Moore Global tests can vary depending on your experience and skill levels. They’re designed to challenge applicants and identify those who are most capable of handling the responsibilities that come with the role.

How do I prepare for Moore Global tests?

The best way to prepare for Moore Global tests is through consistent practice and familiarization with test formats. Fintest offers a wide array of practice exams to help you feel confident and ready for the real thing.

How long does the recruitment process take at Moore Global?

The recruitment process at Moore Global can vary depending on the position; however, it generally includes multiple stages such as application, assessment tests, and interviews. The entire process may take several weeks to a few months.

What are Moore Global's core values?

Moore Global's core values focus on integrity, client service, collaboration, and excellence. They seek individuals whose personal and professional values align with these principles and who are committed to driving success for the firm and its clients.