BNY Mellon Assessments

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Careers at BNY Mellon

BNY Mellon is a global financial services company offering a variety of career opportunities for those looking to join their ranks. As one of the world’s largest asset management companies, BNY Mellon has established itself as an employer that consistently offers employees unparalleled growth and development prospects.

At BNY Mellon, they are committed to creating an environment that encourages innovation and collaboration among both its individual employees and teams. Professionals will find many ways to challenge themselves both creatively and technically while developing meaningful relationships with colleagues in various departments. With the help of cutting-edge technology, they strive to create solutions that drive positive change across the financial services industry.

From leadership roles to entry-level positions, BNY Mellon offers a diverse range of career paths in areas such as finance, technology, legal & compliance and marketing & communication.

BNY Mellon Application Process

BNY Mellon is always looking to recruit top talent. Their recruitment process includes several steps and takes into account both qualifications and experience. The company looks for individuals that can bring new perspectives to the team and help them achieve their business goals.

The recruitment process begins with an initial screening of applications. This includes reviewing resumes, conducting interviews and assessing each candidate’s skillset against the job requirements. Once selected, candidates are invited to participate in a series of assessments that cover technical abilities as well as personality traits such as problem-solving capabilities or communication skills. Finally, BNY Mellon will conduct background checks and drug tests before making an offer to successful applicants.

BNY Mellon Online Application

Applying for a job at BNY Mellon is easy and convenient and can be done in just a few simple steps.

Once you have decided on the role you wish to apply for, you need to fill out all your necessary information including personal information such as work experience as well as answers to any questions. After submitting your form it will be reviewed by BNY Mellon representatives.

BNY Mellon Aptitude Tests

The BNY online assessments provide an opportunity for job seekers to showcase their aptitude and understanding of different aspects of the finance sector. Through these tests, BNY Mellon is able to identify candidates with strong knowledge and skills who match the company’s values and culture.

The online assessment includes multiple-choice questions that cover topics such as financial modeling, credit analysis, capital markets and more. The tests also measure abilities such as problem-solving, research skills and attention to detail. By completing these assessments, applicants can demonstrate their technical competency in certain areas of finance while also highlighting important non-technical traits like communication or teamwork.

The goal of these tests is to ensure that BNY Mellon is sourcing high-quality candidates with a track record of success in the field of finance.

BNY Mellon Financial Reasoning Test

BNY Mellon financial reasoning assessment is an aptitude test used to help determine whether a candidate has the financial skills necessary for the role they’ve applied for.

The assessment consists of multiple-choice questions that are designed to evaluate an individual's ability to interpret and analyze financial data, identify trends and make informed decisions. It is also meant to measure problem-solving abilities related to finance, such as accurately assessing risk and making sound investment decisions.

BNY Mellon Logical Reasoning Test

BNY Mellon logical reasoning assessment is used to assess the cognitive ability of candidates during the hiring process. This assessment is designed to evaluate a person's capacity for problem-solving, analytical thinking and their overall mental agility. The BNY Mellon logical reasoning assessment is composed of questions that require individuals to analyze given information, draw logical conclusions, and make decisions based on their findings.

The format of this test uses multiple-choice reasoning questions which measure a person's ability to interpret data quickly and accurately in order to draw logical conclusions from it. Questions may ask candidates to identify patterns or trends in data as well as assess how different elements interact with one another in a given scenario.

BNY Mellon Numerical Reasoning Test

BNY Mellon numerical reasoning assessment is a popular test used to measure an individual's ability to interpret and understand numerical data. It is typically used as part of the recruitment process to help employers identify candidates with strong analytical skills.

The BNY Mellon numerical reasoning assessment usually takes the form of a multiple-choice exam, featuring questions that require candidates to interpret and analyze data presented in charts, tables and graphs.

The test also measures problem-solving skills by asking applicants to solve complex numerical problems using mathematical equations and logical deduction. The objective of the assessment is for employers to get an accurate indication of how well a candidate can use numbers, make decisions based on numerical information, and comprehend data quickly.

BNY Mellon Situational Judgment Test

BNY Mellon's situational judgment assessment is designed to measure an individual's behavior in workplace scenarios. It helps evaluate candidates for various job roles and assess their ability to handle difficult situations when they arise.

The assessment consists of multiple-choice questions which ask respondents how they would respond to hypothetical workplace scenarios. The questions range from resolving customer complaints, to managing conflict between colleagues, or making decisions based on limited resources. Candidates are given a set amount of time to answer each question before being scored against pre-defined criteria. This helps employers gain insight into how the candidate might react under pressure in future working environments. The responses also provide useful information regarding their problem-solving skills and suitability for certain roles within the company.

BNY Mellon Personality Assessment

BNY Mellon personality assessment helps hiring teams to gain a deeper understanding of their candidate's personalities - to identify how someone behaves, thinks, and interacts with others in different situations

These tests are comprised of various questionnaires that ask participants to answer questions based on their opinions or feelings toward certain topics. There are no right or wrong answers but it is important to answer strategically and reflect on the core values of the company.

BNY Mellon Interviews

There are 2-3 interview rounds during the BNY Mellon interview process including a telephone screening and formal interviews.

BNY Mellon Telephone Interview

The telephone interview typically lasts around 30 minutes and focuses on questions that assess your suitability to do the job. It is important to be prepared for some common questions such as why are you interested in this position?

BNY Mellon Formal Interview

Towards the final stages of the BNY Mellon interview process, you may be invited to take part in a more in-depth discussion about your experience and skills to ensure a good fit.

When preparing for a formal interview, it's important to know what to expect in order to best present yourself and highlight your skills.

The interviewer will assess your qualifications by asking specific questions related to your job history and educational background. Additionally, they may inquire about any special skills or abilities that you possess that could make you an asset to their company. It’s essential that you have thoughtful responses prepared so that you can articulate why you are the right person for the position.

Be prepared for some traditional interview questions such as why do you want this role? What sets you apart from other candidates? How do your previous experiences make you suitable for this job? Having good answers to these questions can help with your confidence and make you stand out.

Other BNY Mellon checks

Background, drug, and reference checks are also part of BNY Mellon’s hiring process.

Top Tips To Get Hired At BNY Mellon

Knowing the right tips and tricks can help you stay on top of your game during your recruitment and have a better chance of success. Here are the top 5 tips to keep in mind when going through the BNY Mellon recruitment process:

Research the company

It’s important to do plenty of research about the company. Make sure you understand its mission, culture, and values so you can demonstrate why you are a good fit for them. If there is any interesting industry news, or corporate news about the company be sure to demonstrate your knowledge of this.

Practice behavioral-based questions

You should brush up on behavioral-based questions that may be asked during the interview. Knowing how to answer these questions will give recruiters an insight into your skills and competencies. Using the STAR method can be an effective approach to structure your answers.

Practice interviewing with a friend

Practicing interviews with friends or family members beforehand can be a useful method to prepare. This will help you get comfortable with answering various types of questions and responding under pressure.

Prepare for the assessments

Practicing example tests and questions can ensure that you score high on the real thing. This increases your chances of standing out as a top candidate and improves your likelihood of being shortlisted.

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BNY Mellon Assessments FAQs

How long does it take to hear back once I’ve submitted my application?

You can expect a recruiter to contact you within 2-3 weeks if you’ve submitted an application with BNY.

How many rounds of interviews does BNY Mellon have?

BNY has a total of 5 rounds of interviews. It is essential to prepare for each round.

How long does the hiring process typically take?

The process can take 1-6 months depending on the role and volume of applicants that apply.

What are BNY’s core values?

BNY’s three core values are:

  • Integrity
  • Strength in diversity
  • Courage to lead
  • Passion for excellence