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Careers at ANZ

Australia and New Zealand Banking Group (ANZ) is a purpose and values-led bank shaping a word to enable people and communities to thrive.

The bank was founded in 1951 when the Bank of Australasia and the Union Bank of Australia merged. It is now the biggest bank in New Zealand and 3rd largest in Australia. ANZ employs more than 37,000 employers across 34 countries serving more than 10 million customers.

If you are looking for a career at ANZ there are a variety of fields to work in from digital, data or customer engagement. ANZ believes in transforming ideas into great solutions and services for their customers. Their main sectors are:

  • Technology
  • Innovation & Design
  • Data
  • Customer centricity
  • Customer engagement
  • Customer delivery
  • Corporate services

ANZ core values are:

  • Integrity
  • Collaboration
  • Accountability
  • Respect
  • Excellence

ANZ believes these values regardless of the situation you are in will help care for and satisfy customers. It is therefore worth considering incorporating elements of these values in your application and other stages of the application process.

Use our informative guide to prepare for the recruitment process for ANZ and give yourself the best chance of hiring success.

ANZ Application Process

ANZ Online Application Form

Using the ANZ careers portal you must complete an online profile and add a copy of your CV - it is also important to ensure your CV is up to date and highlights the relevant experience you have for the role.

Depending on the role you are applying for, you might be asked about the reason you want to work for ANZ and the role you are applying for.

If your application is selected, you will be invited to participate in online assessment tests and a pre-screening interview.

ANZ Pymetrics Assessment

ANZ uses a publisher test called Pymetrics. The assessment consists of two types of tests - a game-based assessment and a personality questionnaire.

Online tests are often used by employers like ANZ to help shortlist top candidates. Those who perform well in the test (often the top 50%) are likely to be moved to the next stages of the recruitment process.

This means that it's important to practice tests where possible.

The Pymetrics game-based assessment tests specific personality traits/skills.

You will be presented with different behaviour based neuroscience games, which measure a candidate's social, cognitive and behavioural attributes. This can help give the hiring team more insight into how you are likely to work and interact with colleagues in the workplace.

At the end of the assessment, your results will be shared with the hiring team, and you will also receive your individual report.

ANZ Aptitude Tests

Depending on the role you've applied for you might also be given aptitude tests as part of the ANZ recruitment process. The aptitude tests include:

  • Numerical reasoning test
  • Verbal reasoning test
  • Abstract reasoning test

ANZ Numerical Reasoning Test

An ANZ numerical reasoning test is an assessment to test your ability to solve mathematical problems under time pressure. The topics test fairly basic maths but the real challenge is to solve each question in under a minute.

Numerical reasoning skills are important for roles that require quick maths such as banking cashiers.

ANZ Verbal Reasoning Test

An ANZ verbal reasoning test is an assessment to test your ability to comprehend and understand the information in written format. You will be provided with a text passage to read through and given multiple choice answers to select from- typically you must answer true, false or cannot say about the text you just read.

The key skill here is your ability to identify facts, inferences or if something is not true about the text.

ANZ Abstract Reasoning Test

An ANZ abstract reasoning test is a measurement of your lateral thinking and general intelligence. During the test, you will be provided with a series of images, shapes or patterns for which you must work out the sequence to predict the next answer.

The test is useful to assess general intellectual abilities, problem-solving and how someone copes under time pressure. This test is particularly challenging and is important to practice so you feel confident when answering them.

ANZ Personality Questionnaire

ANZ are looking for candidates that fit their company culture and work well in teams. The personality questionnaire helps assess if you match the personality profile ANZ are looking for. Although there are no right or wrong answers, it is important to think strategically when answering these questions and to make sure you keep in mind the values of the company.

ANZ Pre-screening Interview

If you are successful with your application and assessments you might be invited to participate in a pre-screening interview with ANZ

This will be a short interview - an opportunity for the hiring managers to ask any questions they might have about your CV and qualifications. It's important at this stage to do your research on the company and ask any questions you might want to know about the role.

ANZ Video Interview

You may be asked to participate in a video interview that requires you to answer questions by pre-recording your answers. First impressions are important so ensuring you are prepared, dressed professionally and appear calm when answering is important.

Using the STAR method to structure your answers is something you should practice which will benefit you across all interview stages.

ANZ Assessment Centre

The final stage of the recruitment process upon successful completion of the online assessments and the video interview is an assessment centre where you will need to complete a variety of activities or an interview.

ANZ measures your performance as an individual when placed in a realistic working environment as well as your ability to work with others.

The main tasks are:

  • Group activity case study
  • Written exercise
  • Assessment tests
  • Final interview

Tasks that involve groups are often measuring your ability to work well in a team so keep this in mind when participating with other people.

ANZ Group Activity Case Study

The group activity aims to assess your ability to work well within a team identifying skills such as leadership and the ability to accept feedback. You will be divided into groups and must work together to come up with a business plan for a made-up company.

ANZ Written Exercise

The ANZ written exercise will involve evaluating a case study - you'll be given time to study and put together some conclusions and offer a solution to the problem. This exercise is simulating a realistic work situation so it is likely to be related to your role.

ANZ Assessment Resits

You might be asked to take your assessment tests again to verify your score as well as taking new tests. The assessment tests are sometimes taken a second time to ensure candidates did not cheat when they first took them online i.e. if they had help or support from someone else or used a search engine to find the answers.

ANZ Final Interview

A final interview will be required during the assessment centre.

Often candidates are shortlisted during the day, which means that only the top candidates will be given interviews. You should use the STAR interview technique to structure your answers to the interview questions.

Below are some popular questions that are commonly asked in the ANZ interview process.

  • What do you think are the main challenges in the role that you are applying for are?
  • What skills are needed to succeed in the role you've applied for?
  • Talk about 3 products or services provided by ANZ
  • Why are you leaving your current job?
  • Talk about a bad decision you ever made?
  • Tell me about a time when you've shown leadership skills?

Sample ANZ Assessments question Test your knowledge!

Score: /5

Select the most appropriate abstraction based on this characteristic: 'A financial instrument that is transferable and can be easily converted into cash is likely to be...'

  • illiquid and risky.
  • illiquid and safe.
  • liquid and risky.
  • liquid and less risky.

A financial analyst compares the performance of two savings products over a 5-year period. One offers a 3% annual interest rate, compounded yearly, and the other offers a cumulative growth of 18% over the 5 years. Assuming an initial investment of $10,000, which savings product would yield a higher return after 5 years?

  • The first product, due to compound interest.
  • The second product, due to higher cumulative growth.
  • Both would yield the same return.
  • It cannot be determined without the exact formula for the cumulative growth.

Evaluate the logical conclusion from the following statement: 'If a customer's transaction exceeds $1,000, the transaction must be approved by a supervisor. A recent transaction did not require supervisor approval.'

  • The transaction was exactly $1,000.
  • The transaction was less than $1,000.
  • The supervisor was not available to approve the transaction.
  • The policy on transaction approvals has changed.

What is the main implication of a bank having a high 'loan-to-deposit' ratio?

  • The bank has a high level of capital adequacy.
  • The bank could have liquidity issues.
  • The bank is conservative in lending.
  • The bank offers the best interest rates on savings.

Within a series of financial transactions, if Investment A increases by 20%, and immediately after, Decreased Mortgage B reduces by 20%, how would the overall value change?

  • The overall value would decrease.
  • The overall value would increase.
  • The overall value would remain the same.
  • Investment A's increase offsets Decreased Mortgage B's reduction, creating equilibrium.

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ANZ Assessments Tips

Know Your Stuff

Before you even begin to practice for the ANZ application tests, make sure you have a solid understanding of the financial industry. Brush up on your financial concepts, market trends, and the regulatory environment. Familiarizing yourself with these fundamentals will give you a confident foundation from which to approach the practice exams on Fintest.

Get Familiar with Test Formats

Different companies prefer different types of assessment methods, so it’s essential to get comfortable with the variety you might encounter. On Fintest, we provide a range of practice exams that reflect the diversity of tests you'll see in the financial sector, including those specific to ANZ's hiring process. This will help you avoid any surprises on the big day.

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Simulate Real Test Conditions

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Review and Reflect

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ANZ Assessments FAQs

How long is the ANZ digital interview?

The ANZ interview typically lasts 30-45 minutes.

What is a good score on an ANZ assessment test?

Typically a score of above 60% is considered good depending on the role and the talent pool your score is compared against.

Why do ANZ use assessments during their hiring process?

ANZ assessments are used by ANZ Bank to identify the most qualified candidates for employment at the company. The assessment process typically includes a range of tests, exercises, and interviews designed to assess a candidate's skills, competencies, and fit for the role they are applying for.

What are ANZ core values?

ANZ core values are integrity, collaboration, accountability, respect and excellence. Candidates who demonstrate these values will be considered.

Where can I practice example questions for free?

You can practice free example questions here to help prepare you for the format.