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Careers at Legal and General

Legal and General is a financial services company that has been providing an array of financial products and services for over 180 years. It offers a range of insurance, savings, pensions, investments, mortgages and more to its customers across the UK. Its mission is to create value by helping people protect their lives, families and futures as well as manage their finances in the best way possible.

For those looking for a career in this sector, Legal and General offers an array of opportunities across multiple disciplines. From customer service roles to sales positions, there is something for everyone.

In addition, there are also various positions within finance management or even working in IT as part of the company’s digital transformation initiatives.

Legal and General Application Process

To secure a role at Legal & General, you'll need to impress during each stage of the application process. This involves submitting an online application, completing online tests, attending interviews, and partaking in an assessment centre.

Each stage of the hiring process is explored in greater detail below. It is important to know what is expected at each stage, so you can comprehensively prepare and display why you are a strong candidate for your chosen role.

Legal and General Online Application

The first step in the process is to complete an online application. This is to be submitted via the Legal & General careers site. In your application, you'll need to detail your educational qualifications and work history.

You'll also need to answer a few questions about your motivation for working for Legal & General and your desire to hold your chosen position within your selected business area.

Your application will be reviewed against the requirements for the role and, if your skills match the criteria, you'll be invited to the next stage of the process.

Legal and General Interviews

If your application passes screening, you'll be invited to attend an interview. This may be in person at a Legal & General office or online, depending upon the circumstances.

The interview will be competency-based, so come prepared with examples from your work history to evidence your skills and potential. The firm recommends using the STAR (situation, task, action, result) method to structure your responses.

Frame your answers with Legal & General's three core behaviours in mind: purposeful delivery, collaborative working, and straightforward communication. Don't over-rehearse your responses, as you want to come across as natural.

The firm will also want to see that you are knowledgeable about its business activities and latest developments, so do your research before the interview. Prepare a few insightful questions to display your curiosity and enthusiasm for the role.

If your interview is being conducted online, find a quiet location free from distractions and check the stability of your internet connection before your interview slot. If your interview is in person, arrive in plenty of time to avoid becoming flustered and negatively impacting your first impression.

Depending upon the position and its level of seniority, you may be asked to attend more than one interview.

Legal and General Interview Questions

While the interview questions may vary, many applicants can expect inquiries like:

  • Why do you want to work for Legal & General?
  • Who are our competitors?
  • Describe a difficult situation and how you have managed it.
  • Describe your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Describe a time when you have gone above and beyond.

Legal and General Aptitude Tests

Candidates for positions at Legal & General will be asked to complete online psychometric tests. These tests help the recruitment team objectively assess the skills and cognitive ability of candidates. They have timed assessments in a multiple-choice format.

The test set will vary according to your chosen role, but may encompass the following:

Legal and General Verbal Reasoning Test

A verbal reasoning test assesses your ability to understand, analyse, and interpret written information. The questions will present passages of text and a series of related statements about the content.

You'll need to ascertain whether the statements are 'true', 'false', or if you 'cannot say' based on the information given.

Verbal reasoning tests have a challenging time allowance, so you'll need to be able to absorb information and determine its implications rapidly.

Legal and General Numerical Reasoning Test

A numerical reasoning test measures your ability to manipulate mathematical data. The questions will cover concepts such as fractions, percentages, ratios, sequences, general arithmetic, currency conversations, and basic algebra.

Data will be presented in graphs, charts, and tables and will be relevant to the business area for which you are applying.

Again, the time limit on the test makes it challenging so, if you are stuck on a question, take your best guess and move on.

Use of a calculator is not permitted, but you may find a piece of scrap paper useful for noting down your workings.

Legal and General Situational Judgement Test

A situational judgement test explores prospective employees' behavioural preferences. The test presents a series of hypothetical workplace scenarios.

You'll be asked to select which course of action, from a list of potential responses, most closely aligns with how you would choose to deal with the given situation.

The test is used to assess compatibility with Legal & General's ways of working, company culture, and core values. Keep the firm's core behavioural preferences in mind when completing the test.

Legal and General Assessment Centre

If you impress at your interview and pass the online assessments, you'll be invited to attend an assessment centre day. Depending upon the circumstances, this may be held at a Legal & General office or online.

The assessment day will involve a series of group exercises. It is important to actively contribute to the discussion, but remember that collaboration is key at Legal & General. Creating the space for others to share their ideas and listening carefully to their input will be viewed favourably.

There will also be a presentation. You'll be given the topic in advance and some time to prepare. Expect to speak for 10 - 15 minutes on your topic.

The presentation will likely be based on a case study relevant to your chosen business area and role. You'll be given a client case and accompanying information and asked to outline your course of action.

Present your ideas confidently and back up your decisions with evidence. Be prepared to defend your judgements during the Q&A session.

The assessment day may also involve additional interviews, to delve deeper into your skills, motivations, and career goals.

Legal and General Job Offer and Feedback

If you're successful, you'll receive an offer and be granted access to Legal & General's onboarding portal to prepare ahead of your start date.

If you're unsuccessful on your first attempt, don't be overly discouraged. Ask for feedback - which Legal & General is happy to give – and incorporate this during your next recruitment process (whether at Legal & General or another firm), to improve your chances of securing a role in finance.

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