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Careers at Geico

Geico, or the Government Employees Insurance Company, is an American automotive insurance company headquartered in Maryland. It is the second-largest vehicle insurer in the US, but also offers property, business, and other types of insurance cover.

The company offers career opportunities across the following nine departments: Actuary, Auto Damage, Claims, Corporate, Customer Service, Data and Analytics, Information Technology, Legal, and Sales.

Geico prides itself on being underpinned by the following values - ingenuity, perseverance, innovation, resilience, and hard, honest work. These are embodied by Geico's seven operating principles:

  • Respect, support and provide opportunity for all associates
  • Be fanatics for outstanding customer service
  • Be the low-cost provider
  • Operate with uncompromising integrity
  • Maintain a disciplined balance sheet
  • Make an underwriting profit whilst achieving optimum growth
  • Invest for total return

It is important to keep these principles in mind throughout the recruitment process, to display your alignment with Geico's culture and suitability for your chosen job role.

As well as roles for experienced professionals, the company also runs a leadership program (with Management Development and Emerging Leaders tracks) and a technology development program(with software development, analyst, and infrastructure tracks) for graduates. It also offers internships for students.

Current vacancies can be explored on the Geico careers site.

Geico Application Process

The Geico recruitment process is designed to ensure the strongest candidates are chosen to work within the company. It is a competitive, multi-stage process featuring an initial application, online aptitude and skills testing, and interviews.

The process may seem daunting but, with a good grasp of what you'll encounter and some targeted preparation, you'll be ready to impress the recruitment team and secure your role with Geico.

Geico Online Application

The first step in the recruitment process is to select the role that appeals to you and submit an online application. You will need to include your education history and detail all your work experience in the form, rather than uploading your resume.

There may also be additional questions around your motivation and suitability for your chosen role. The application form should take around 30 minutes to complete.

The screening process for initial applications is usually rapid – with claims, service, and sales roles receiving an invite to the next stage within 24 hours. Applications for other roles will have a slightly longer turnaround time.

Geico Initial Phone Interview

If you meet the qualification requirements and your application passes screening, you'll be invited to attend a telephone interview with a member of the recruitment team. You'll be able to book a slot at a time that is convenient for you.

The interview will last between 15 – 30 minutes for customer-focused roles and explore the information included on your application form in greater detail.

If you are applying for a corporate, technology, management, or leadership position, the interview will likely be slightly longer in duration.

Geico Aptitude Tests

If you impress during the telephone interview, you'll progress to the next stage of the hiring process – the online assessments. These tests are designed to assess candidates across the key skills needed to be successful in Geico roles.

The type of assessments you are required to sit will vary depending upon the department and job specification, but you'll likely encounter a combination of basic skills tests, computerized simulations, and technical skills assessments.

The full assessment usually takes 45 minutes to complete, and may comprise the following test sections:

Geico Computer Skills Test

The computer skills test assesses your computer navigation and typing skills. You may be given particular tasks to perform on certain software programs, such as Microsoft Word, Excel, or customer management (CRM) software.

Your speed of typing is important, with Geico requiring a pace of 40 words per minute. You'll also be assessed for your accuracy in both spelling and grammar.

Geico Multitasking Test

The Geico multitasking test assesses a candidate's ability to focus and deliver on multiple aspects at once. The type of multi-tasking test encountered depends upon the role.

For example, for customer-facing roles, you will be asked to communicate with a client whilst identifying and reading through the relevant information rapidly to inform your responses.

Geico Customer Simulation Test

The customer simulation test explores the ability of prospective employees to converse effectively and efficiently with customers. You will need to prove that you can handle questions and queries by answering a range of emails and/or responding to telephone transcripts.

Some of the scenarios featured will involve difficult customers, to judge how well you can cope with handling tricky or uncomfortable situations.

Geico Spatial Reasoning Assessment

If you are applying for an auto damage role with Geico, you will be asked to take a spatial reasoning assessment. The questions in the test involve two and three-dimensional shapes. You'll be asked to identify patterns or relationships between the shapes presented.

The test is used to ensure that you have the spatial skills to rapidly understand and assess damage claims.

Geico Reading Comprehension Test

The reading comprehension test assesses the ability to understand and analyze written passages, and is similar to a verbal reasoning test. This test is commonly used for customer-facing roles, and the text will likely feature sections of customer correspondence.

You'll need to select the correct responses or conclusions from multiple-choice options.

There will also be a vocabulary, grammar, and punctuation section of the test, where you will need to display that you are able to identify and correct mistakes.

Geico Numerical Reasoning Test

The Geico numerical reasoning test assesses your ability to interpret data and handle numbers. The data will be presented in graphs, charts, and tables. Each data set will require you to answer between three and five questions relating to it.

These questions will involve mathematical concepts such as general arithmetic, percentages, ratios, fractions, sequences, and basic algebra. All questions are multiple-choice.

Geico Technical Test

Your assessment may also feature a technical test relevant to your chosen department and role. These are particularly common for IT roles – the test in this context will, for example, involve timed coding questions.

Geico Interviews

If you perform well in the assessment round and display that you have a high level of skill in the required competencies, you will be invited to attend a final interview round.

This interview may be in person or virtual, depending upon the circumstances. It may be with a member of the recruitment team or with a manager from the relevant department.

To prepare for the interview, review the job description and align your experience with the essential and desired criteria. It is important to be able to back up all your answers with evidence that displays your competencies in practice.

Using the STAR (situation, task, action, result) method is a good way to ensure your answers are both evidence-based and concise.

The interview is also your opportunity to ask your own questions about Geico, the sector, and your potential responsibilities. A couple of insightful questions can help to display your enthusiasm for the role, so be prepared.

Geico Job Offer

If successful at the interview, you'll receive an employment offer. This will be contingent on passing a credit and background check.

Sample Geico Assessments question Test your knowledge!

Score: /5

If an insurance firm possesses a policy-to-claims ratio of 7:5 and its policies for the current fiscal year amount to $21 million, what are the projected claim payouts?

  • $15 million
  • $17 million
  • $19 million
  • $14 million

During a particular year, an automotive insurance company collected $2.3 billion in premiums and paid out $1.85 billion in claims. What was the ratio of premiums collected to claims paid?

  • 100:79
  • 125:99
  • 23:18
  • 123:95

A customer pays a monthly insurance premium of $120. After a 5% discount is applied for safe driving, how much will the customer pay in a year?

  • $1368
  • $1440
  • $1140
  • $1224

The passage below is an excerpt from a report on insurance industry trends. After reading the passage, identify the main conclusion. 'With the advent of automated driving technology, there have been substantial changes in the automotive insurance landscape. While the number of human error-related accidents has decreased, new types of risks related to software malfunctions and cyber security threats have arisen. This shift suggests that while overall accident rates may decline, the complexity and cost of individual claims could increase.'

  • The cost of individual claims is declining with the advent of automated driving technology.
  • Cyber security threats are becoming less relevant in the insurance industry.
  • Insurance companies should expect more frequent but less complex claims.
  • Insurance companies may face more complex and potentially costlier claims despite a reduction in accidents.

A policy document states that for every claim-free year, the insured is entitled to a 10% discount on the renewal premium, compounding annually for five years. Starting with a premium of $500, calculate the premium after three claim-free years.

  • $343
  • $350
  • $405
  • $450

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Geico Assessments Tips

Familiarize Yourself with the Field

Understanding the nuances of the financial sector can give you a considerable advantage. At Fintest, we recommend brushing up on the basics of automotive insurance, especially as it pertains to companies like Geico. Getting comfortable with common industry terminology and practices will not only boost your confidence but also help you see the 'big picture' when tackling the exam questions.

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To get a real feel of what the exam will be like, try to simulate the test environment at home. Clear out distractions, set a timer, and wear something comfortable yet professional to get you in the right mindset. You can access a range of practice tests at Fintest that are tailored to mimic the conditions you're likely to encounter on the big day with Geico.

Understand the Question Types

Each company's hiring exams can have different types of questions. At Fintest, we've analyzed Geico's approach to testing and have developed practice exams that include the types of questions you might expect to see. From logic puzzles to situational judgment questions, understanding the format ahead of time will make you more efficient when answering.

Practice Makes Prepared

There's no substitute for practice, and that's where Fintest comes in handy. Using our practice exams, you can get ample exposure to the test material and question formats. The more familiar you are with the types of challenges presented, the better you'll perform. Remember, practicing isn't just about getting the right answers, but also about improving timing and reducing test-day anxiety.

Review Your Answers

One of the best strategies for improvement is learning from your mistakes. After each practice exam at Fintest, take the time to review your answers, especially the ones you got wrong. This isn't just about knowing the right answer, but also understanding why it's right and why your initial answer wasn’t. This kind of review solidifies learning and enhances problem-solving skills.

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Geico Assessments FAQs

Is the Geico interview hard?

In general, GEICO interviews are considered average in difficulty, consisting of standard behavioral and situational questions, as well as role-specific inquiries. To prepare you should research the company, practice common interview questions, and review the job description to ensure you can effectively demonstrate your fit for the role.

What are Geico's core values?

Geico's core values are

  • Respect
  • Support
  • Provide outstanding customer service
  • Be the low-cost provider
  • Integrity
  • Achieve optimum growth
What does "GEICO" stand for?

Geico stands for Government Employees Insurance Company.

Where can I practice and prepare for the Geico assessment?

You can practice free Geico test questions to get familiar with the format and improve your test score using our online platform - no credit card required.