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The Best Paying Jobs in Finance in 2023

Ryan Green
Ryan Green May 05, 2023
best paying jobs in finance

The world of finance offers a wide array of lucrative career opportunities for professionals looking to maximize their earning potential.

With the increasing demand for financial services, businesses and individuals alike require skilled professionals to navigate the complexities of the financial landscape.

In this article, we'll explore the top 10 best-paying jobs in finance in 2023, discussing each role's responsibilities, top employers, average salaries in the U.S. and U.K., and reasons why these positions are desirable career choices.

10. Financial Analyst

A financial analyst conducts research, analyzes financial data, and provides insights and recommendations to businesses and individuals for investment decisions. They may work in a variety of sectors, including investment banking, insurance, and corporate finance.

Top employers: J.P. Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley

Average salary: $65,000 (U.S.), £45,000 (U.K.)

Financial analysts are in high demand due to their ability to assess market trends and provide valuable insights, making it an excellent career choice with strong growth potential and competitive salaries.

9. Investment Banker

Investment bankers facilitate mergers and acquisitions, raise capital through issuing stocks and bonds, and provide financial advice to corporations and governments. They play a critical role in the growth and development of businesses and economies.

Top employers: Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Average salary: $100,000 (U.S.), £70,000 (U.K.)

Investment banking is an exciting and fast-paced career with high earning potential, providing exposure to influential deals and transactions that shape the global economy.

8. Actuary

Actuaries specialize in assessing and managing financial risks using mathematical and statistical models. They primarily work in the insurance industry, calculating premiums, reserves, and dividends, as well as advising on investment strategies.

Top employers: Prudential, MetLife, Aon

Average salary: $110,000 (U.S.), £75,000 (U.K.)

Actuaries are in high demand due to their specialized skillset and the growing importance of risk management in financial decision-making, resulting in excellent job security and competitive salaries.

7. Portfolio Manager

Portfolio managers oversee the investment portfolios of individuals or institutions, such as pension funds or mutual funds. They devise investment strategies, select assets, and monitor performance to maximize returns while minimizing risk.

Top employers: BlackRock, Fidelity Investments, Vanguard

Average salary: $120,000 (U.S.), £80,000 (U.K.)

Portfolio management is a high-responsibility career with significant earning potential, appealing to those who enjoy making strategic decisions and managing substantial assets.

6. Risk Manager

best paying jobs in finance

Risk managers identify, assess, and develop strategies to mitigate financial risks for businesses or financial institutions. They play a crucial role in ensuring the long-term stability and success of organizations.

Top employers: Citigroup

Average salary: $130,000 (U.S.), £85,000 (U.K.)

Risk management is an essential function in today's complex financial landscape, offering professionals in this field strong job security and competitive compensation.

5. Quantitative Analyst (Quant)

Quants develop and implement complex mathematical models to price financial instruments, manage risk, and optimize investment strategies. They work in various industries, including investment banking, hedge funds, and asset management.

Top employers: Citadel, Two Sigma

Average salary: $150,000 (U.S.), £100,000 (U.K.)

Quantitative analysts are highly sought after for their specialized skills in mathematics, programming, and finance, making this an attractive career choice with significant earning potential and growth opportunities.

4. Hedge Fund Manager

Hedge fund managers oversee the operations and investment strategies of hedge funds, utilizing various investment techniques and financial instruments to generate high returns. They are responsible for raising capital, selecting investments, and managing risk.

Top employers: Bridgewater Associates, Renaissance Technologies, Elliott Management

Average salary: $200,000 (U.S.), £130,000 (U.K.)

Hedge fund management is a prestigious and challenging career, offering the potential for exceptional earnings based on the fund's performance. This high-pressure role is ideal for individuals who thrive in competitive environments and have a strong appetite for risk-taking.

3. Private Equity Manager

Private equity managers lead the investment activities of private equity firms, acquiring stakes in private companies or buying out public companies to take them private. They focus on maximizing returns through operational improvements, financial restructuring, and strategic exits.

Top employers: The Blackstone Group, KKR, The Carlyle Group

Average salary: $250,000 (U.S.), £160,000 (U.K.)

Private equity is a high-stakes, fast-paced industry offering substantial earning potential and the opportunity to influence the growth and development of companies. Professionals in this field enjoy significant responsibility and the potential for substantial bonuses based on investment performance.

2. Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

CFOs are senior executives responsible for overseeing the financial activities of an organization, including financial planning, reporting, risk management, and capital allocation. They play a strategic role in shaping the company's financial future and ensuring its long-term success.

Top employers: Large multinational corporations, startups, and non-profit organizations

Average salary: $300,000 (U.S.), £200,000 (U.K.)

The CFO role offers a unique blend of leadership, strategy, and financial expertise, making it a highly sought-after position with exceptional earning potential. This prestigious role provides the opportunity to drive the financial success of an organization and make a lasting impact.

1. Investment Bank Managing Director

Investment bank managing directors are at the top of the investment banking hierarchy, overseeing client relationships, deal-making, and the overall performance of their division. They are responsible for generating revenue, cultivating relationships with key clients, and managing a team of bankers.

Top employers: Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan, Morgan Stanley

Average salary: $500,000+ (U.S.), £350,000+ (U.K.)

Investment bank managing directors hold one of the most lucrative positions in the finance industry, offering immense earning potential and the prestige of leading high-profile deals. This high-pressure role is ideal for ambitious professionals with extensive experience and a proven track record in investment banking.


Finance remains one of the most attractive industries for professionals seeking high-paying jobs with growth potential and long-term stability.

The top 10 best-paying jobs in finance in 2023 reflect the diverse opportunities available, from risk management to investment banking, each offering a unique blend of challenges and rewards. By pursuing one of these lucrative roles, individuals can build a successful and fulfilling career in finance.

Ryan Green May 05, 2023

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