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What To Expect On A Finance HireVue Interview

Konica Stones
Konica Stones July 10, 2023
what to expect on a finance hirevue interview

What is a HireVue interview?

Founded in 2004 and headquartered in the US, HireView is a digital technology company focused on streamlining the recruitment and selection process for employers.

Used by many larger employers such as Goldman Sachs and Deloitte, the HireView talent experience platform has various functionalities such as text messaging and initial screening of applications; the most commonly used is its interviewing functionality.

A HireView interview is a digitally pre-recorded interview that assesses competencies and career motivations specific to a role and employer.

In the interview, candidates are presented with a series of questions. They must record their responses to each question and submit their finished interview, which a recruiter will evaluate.

Why do finance employers use HireVue interviews?

Using HireView technology enables employers with a cost-effective way to screen large numbers of candidates to identify a suitable talent pool. HireView interviews are generally used in the earlier stages of the recruitment process before any assessment days. Using the interviews in this way enables employers to screen large numbers of candidates without needing time or cost-intensive procedures.

HireView interviews also enable recruiters to gain a deeper insight into a candidate. While an application form or resume provides a good starting point, HireView interviews allow recruiters to see candidates' responses to questions, assess communication skills and determine whether they demonstrate the skills and attributes needed for the role.

Many banking and investment sector recruiters also use HireView's AI technology algorithms to evaluate candidates' responses.

HireView's AI functionality evaluates individual candidates' body language, eye movements, facial expressions, and non-verbal cues, comparing these with those data from high-performing individuals in the organization. This information helps employers predict which candidates in their applicant pool will perform well in the role.

What is the format of a HireVue interview?

what to expect on a finance hirevue interview

Candidates successful at the application or testing stage will be invited by email to attend a HireView interview. The email will contain a link to the specific employers' HireView talent recruitment platform.

When candidates are ready to complete the HireView interview, they access the link. They are presented with a set of instructions along with the total number of questions they will be asked to answer as part of the HireView interview.

The number of questions a candidate must answer will vary depending on the employer, as will the content of the question. Each employer will have its own set of questions it asks as part of its HireView interview.

Bearing this in mind, the general format of a HireView interview is as follows:

  • Once candidates have clicked the link to start the interview, they are presented with a series of instructions on the number of questions and how they record their responses.

  • All candidates will be allowed to record some practice questions. This enables individuals to familiarize themselves with the functionality, see how they look on camera, check their background, and familiarize themselves with how to record their responses.

  • When ready, candidates should start the HireView interview and view the first question. They are then given a specific amount of time to prepare a response to the question. Preparation times can vary from 90 seconds to two minutes for each question. It is worth noting that the preparation time will vary by finance employer.

  • Once the preparation time is complete, the video will start recording. Candidates should share their responses to the question asked. Different employers will have different requirements for the maximum length of time a response can be, which can be anywhere between 90 seconds to 3 minutes, depending on the employer. If the response time is exceeded, the video will automatically cut off even if a candidate has not completed their answer and move on to the next question.

  • Candidates then move to each question in the interview, using their preparation time to formulate an answer before recording their video response.

Once all responses to each question have been recorded, they must submit the answers.

Some employers allow candidates to return and re-record responses to questions; information on whether this is permitted will be given at the start of the HireView interview.

Pros and cons of a HireVue interview for candidates

Before deciding to use HireView, employers need to consider both the pros and cons of the talent platform against the organization's and candidates' needs.

Here are some of the pros of using a HireView interview for finance candidates:

  • Convenience: HireVue interviews can be conducted remotely, eliminating the need for candidates to travel for an initial interview. This saves time and money for both parties and allows for greater scheduling flexibility for both the candidate and the interviewer.

  • Accessibility: Candidates from different locations or even different countries can participate in HireVue interviews, widening the talent pool for employers and providing opportunities for those candidates who might not have been able to attend an in-person interview.

  • Time: HireVue interviews have a set duration. This allows employers to evaluate candidates quickly and efficiently. Employers can also review and assess interviews at their convenience, i.e., at any time of the day, such as outside of usual working hours, speeding up the hiring process.

  • Reducing Bias: HireVue interviews provide a standardized experience for all candidates. Each candidate is asked the same set of questions with the same length of time to prepare and record their responses. This allows for fairer comparisons between candidates, reducing potential bias in the hiring process and allowing for a transparent recruitment process.

  • Ease of reviewing: HireVue interviews are recorded. This functionality means employers can revisit the interviews or share them with other decision-makers or team members involved in the hiring process. This feature can be handy when making final decisions or deciding between candidates.

While there are many pros to using HireView, there are also drawbacks for both candidates and finance recruiters:

  • Lack of personal interaction: One of the main drawbacks of HireVue interviews is the absence of face-to-face interaction. This can make it challenging for candidates to establish a personal connection with the interviewer and showcase their interpersonal skills, especially if they are nervous. Employers may also find it harder to gauge a candidate's non-verbal cues and body language.

  • Technical issues: A digital interview requires a stable internet connection and functioning equipment. Technical glitches, such as video or audio lag, can disrupt the interview flow and affect the overall experience for both candidates. Any glitches also delay the recruitment process for candidates as recruiters need to contact candidates and request they re-record their HireView interview.

  • Limited context: In a HireVue interview, candidates are given a set length of time to respond to questions. This time constraint may mean some candidates cannot fully express their thoughts or provide comprehensive answers. The lack of direct interaction between candidates and employers means interviewers cannot ask candidates to clarify or expand on specific points.

  • Potential bias in evaluation: Although HireVue interviews reduce bias by providing standardized questions, there is still a risk of bias creeping into the evaluation process. Unconscious biases such as appearance or accent can affect the assessment of candidates, especially if the interviewers are not adequately trained to mitigate bias.

  • Candidate experience: Some candidates may feel uncomfortable or anxious during a digital interview, especially if they are unfamiliar with a HireView interview or have limited experience with video interviews. This can impact their performance and affect their ability to effectively showcase their skills resulting in recruiters missing out on talented candidates.

Example HireVue interview questions

what to expect on a finance hirevue interview

As with any interview, preparation is vital to demonstrate you have the skills and abilities required for the role. While a HireView interview is a pre-recorded interview, candidates can still do their preparation by anticipating the types of questions they may get asked and preparing relevant responses.

To help with your preparation, here are some commonly asked HireView finance interview questions and how to answer them.

  • Why have you applied for a role at this organization?
  • Describe a skill that is a personal development need. What have you done to work on this, and why?
  • What are your strengths? How can you use these in this role?
  • Why are you the best candidate for this role?
  • Which of our values is most important to you and why?
  • What skills can you bring to this role?
  • What recent business stories have your been following? How will this affect our organization?
  • How do you deal with team members who disagree with your point of view?
  • What is your approach to meeting deadlines? Can you provide an example of when you have had to do this?

Tips on how to prepare for a HireVue interview

Know the company

Use your research and understanding of the organization to demonstrate your commitment to the company and the role. Think about the organization’s values, mission, and strategic goals (usually found on the company’s website). Personalize your research to discuss why and how your values align with the organization.

Know yourself

Be clear on your strength and weaknesses. Make sure to link your strength areas to how specific duties or tasks in the role. Consider the skills you want to develop. Consider how you have identified this particular skill as a development area and describe how and why you continue to work on these.

Answer the question asked

It is essential that you answer the question that is asked in the HireView interview. When preparing your answer take note of any prompts given as part of the question. Make sure the answer addresses all parts of the question. This means you are giving a complete response enabling recruiters to evaluate your skills as relevant to the question fully.

Test your equipment

Make sure you know where you are going to record your HireView interview. Test any equipment, such as wifi connections. If you are worried about your wifi connection, consider using an ethernet cable to ensure any interruptions to wifi signal don’t affect your recording.

Eliminate distractions

Close down any email applications or social media notification pop up’s. Put your phone on silent and away from where you are recording your responses.

Eliminating distractions and optimizing your IT equipment means you can focus on successfully recording your responses.

Konica Stones July 10, 2023

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