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6 Reasons Why You Should Use Psychometric Tests

Guy Thornton
Guy Thornton June 18, 2021
6 Reasons Why You Should Use Psychometric Tests

Psychometric Tests, or Aptitude Tests, are a type of assessment, typically used in education or recruitment, to test an individual's cognitive ability and personality traits. They are products of years of psychological studies and have the capacity to somewhat quantify and articulate aspects of the complex human mind.

While one would obviously need to practice these if it were for the purpose of a school examination or a job application, there are many other reasons why you should use Psychometric Tests to your own advantage. Here are six of them.

1. To train your brain

Psychometric Tests include more than one type of assessment, each measure a different ability. Some of the most common ones are:

  • Situational Judgement Tests or Personality Tests - these explore one's personality traits and workplace behaviours
  • Numerical Reasoning Tests - these are designed to assess numeracy proficiency and analytical thinking ability
  • Verbal Reasoning Tests - these are used to test literacy proficiency and comprehension skill
  • Diagrammatic Reasoning Tests - these tests challenge candidates' logical thinking ability and problem-solving skill

With their capacity to cover a wide range of skills and attributes via varied and dynamic test formats, psychometric assessments are an effective way to train your different cognitive functions, like memory, learning efficiency, and concentration.

2. To learn new skills

Besides the types of tests outlined earlier, there are other Aptitude Tests that look into an individual's visual thinking and observational ability, mechanical knowledge, or transferable workplace skills. Not to mention the fact that regular practice can train your speed and dexterity under pressure as well as test-taking skills. Thus, if you are looking to fill up your spare time in a productive way, Psychometric Tests are a good way to start picking up new, practical skills.

3. To recap on knowledge

In order to complete skill-based Psychometric Tests, candidates are required to recap their high school knowledge of subjects like maths, language and science. This can be very useful as you can gain new perspectives on things that you learned years ago, and subsequently, new ideas on how to apply these into making your everyday experience easier and more efficient.

4. To get to know the industry standard

Numerical Reasoning Tests, Verbal Reasoning Tests, and E-Tray Exercises are especially relevant if you wish to learn more about your industry, its standards, and the kind of tasks you should familiarise with work-ready. This might be the content of a report or presentation, the specialist concepts to learn, or the level of knowledge exchange expected towards colleagues of various levels.

5. To understand yourself better

One of the most meaningful reasons to use Psychometric Tests is to better your self-awareness and to support your personal development. Not only do the tests themselves but also their feedback and answers as well as the additional learning resources around them, help you figure out your strengths and weaknesses from an objective point of view; and therefore, encourage improvements and growth.

6. To make a solid career decision

Following a deeper understanding of the self, you will definitely make better choices regarding your career and suitable employers. Psychometric Tests offer insights into your core values (especially if you are not quite aware of these), your motivations to work, and your preferred decision-making process, and all of these can point towards good career matches, some you might have never considered before. So make the most of the little bit of time left after your final exam or coursework and before most early career programs open in September, to contemplate more informed decisions about your future.

Guy Thornton June 18, 2021

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