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Careers at State Farm

Founded in 1922 and based in Illinois, State Farm is a US insurance company providing car, home, life, business, and pet insurance. The company also offers internet banking, mortgages, and investment services.

Ranked as one of the largest car and property insurance providers, State Farm operates through a network of exclusive agents who sell insurance on behalf of the company.

State Farm prides itself on keeping communities and employees at the forefront of the business. The company offers a benefits package that includes tuition aid, retirement and investment plans, and health and welfare options for its employees. Depending on the role, employees also have the opportunity to work from home, the office or adopt a hybrid way of working as influenced by customer and business needs.

Opportunities are available for undergraduates and experienced hires in many specialisms such as:

  • Accountancy
  • HR
  • Customer service
  • Claims management
  • Underwriting

All roles are by location and dependent on experience.

State Farm Application Process

The Statement farm application process comprises three stages:

  • Online application
  • Pre-employment assessment tests
  • Interview

Candidates who are successful at the interview stage will be made an offer. The offer is dependent on background checks that include a drug test. Once checks have been successfully completed, a final offer of employment is issued.

State Farm Online Application

All applications for positions at State Farm are taken online. Candidates need to search for their preferred vacancy on the dedicated State Farm careers page, then apply directly to this vacancy.

To apply, all candidates must create a candidate profile on the dedicated recruitment portal then complete the application form attached to this vacancy. The application form requests basic information such as contact details and employment history. There is also the option to upload a resume that details the skills and experience relevant to the role.

State Farm Aptitude Tests

If successful at the application screening stage, candidates are invited to sit various online tests as part of the pre-employment assessment stage. The number and type of test depend on the role applied to. The tests are designed to assess whether candidates have the skills and abilities to carry out roles effectively.

State Farm PI Learning Indicator

All candidates who apply for positions with State Farm are required to complete the PI Learning Indicator (PILI). This test assesses a candidate's overall learning capacity and ability to understand and adapt to new concepts within a workplace environment.

The test is split into three sections:

  • Non-verbal reasoning
  • Verbal reasoning
  • Numerical reasoning

State Farm Non-verbal Reasoning Test

The non-verbal reasoning test looks at a candidate's ability to draw conclusions from non-verbal information such as those presented in the form of shapes, patterns, or sequences.

State Farm Verbal Reasoning Test

The verbal reasoning test is a test of reading comprehension. Candidates need to read, understand, and analyze a passage of text and then draw conclusions from this information to answer the questions that follow.

State Farm Numerical Reasoning Test

The numerical reasoning test assesses a candidate's ability to work with numerical information and solve mathematical problems using basic mathematical concepts and principles.

Candidates must answer as many of the 50 questions as possible within the 12-minute time limit. The overall scores from the test will then determine whether candidates are invited to the next stage of the recruitment process for the vacancy applied to.

State Farm Language Proficiency Tests

As many roles at State Farm are customer-related, some candidates need to complete language proficiency tests in three areas: oral, written, and reading. All tests are rated and provided by the American Council on the Teaching Foreign Languages (ACTFL).

State Farm Oral Proficiency Test

This test takes the form of a computer-guided interview and role-play scenarios. Candidates are asked a series of questions by a computer avatar. Their responses are rated according to the language used and whether candidates can appropriately express themselves as relevant to the scenario.

All responses are rated against the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages rating system.

State Farm Writing Proficiency Test

The writing proficiency test assesses a candidate's ability to write business related documents in a language other than English.

The test is 80 minutes long and is divided into five parts. The documents written by candidates are assessed against the use of correct grammar, fluency, and appropriateness in style and use of language as relevant to the audience and purpose of communication.

State Farm Reading Proficiency Test

This 50-minute test assesses a candidate's ability to read and understand passages of text of varying levels of difficulty. Texts can range from newspaper articles, reports, or informal/formal passages of text.

Each passage of information has three questions to answer, with each question having four multiple-choice answers.

State Farm Data Entry Assessment

Depending on the role, candidates sit a data entry assessment. This is a test of speed and accuracy when inputting various types of information.

State Farm Microsoft Word and Excel Tests

Most roles at State Farm require candidates to complete a Microsoft Word and Excel test. This test simulates the type of information used when working on the job. Questions vary in the level of difficulty, which ensures candidates proficiency in both Word and Excel can be accurately assessed.

State Farm Interviews

Candidates who are successful in the pre-employment tests are invited to attend an interview.

Interviews are conducted either by the business hiring manager or by a representative from HR.

The interview focuses on a candidate's understanding of the role they have applied to and what skills they can bring to the role. Interviewers may also ask questions about a candidates' previous work experiences and their motivations for applying to State Farm.

To fully demonstrate your commitment to a career with the organization, it is important to research both the role and State Farm as a company.

Review the job description to ensure you know the skills and abilities required for the role and how you have demonstrated these through prior work experience is an integral part of the interview.

Being able to articulate your reasons for applying to the position and what you can bring to the role, along with areas that you can develop, further demonstrate your commitment to learning and development, a value that is important to State Farm.

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State Farm Assessments FAQs

What are State Farms' hiring process stages?

State Farm's hiring process typically involves an online application, a pre-employment assessment test, a phone interview, an in-person interview, and background and reference checks.

What are State Farms' core values?

State Farm's core values are quality service, quality relationships, integrity, and financial strength.

Where can I practice State Farm assessments?

You can practice free State Farm test questions to get familiar with the format and improve your test score using our online platform - no credit card required.