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Careers at KBC

KBC Group, headquartered in Brussels, Belgium, is a leading financial institution that offers a wide range of services, including banking, insurance, and asset management to its retail, corporate, and institutional clients.

Founded in 1998, KBC has a strong presence in Belgium and Central and Eastern Europe, with operations in countries such as the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, and Bulgaria.

The company is committed to providing innovative and customer-centric financial solutions while maintaining a responsible and sustainable approach to business. Pursuing a career at KBC means becoming part of a dynamic and forward-thinking organization that values its employees and fosters a collaborative and inclusive work environment.

KBC is recognized for its dedication to employee development, offering comprehensive training programs and growth opportunities to help its workforce reach their full potential.The company also prides itself on its strong corporate culture, which emphasizes transparency, integrity, and a customer-first approach.

With its diverse range of services and international presence, KBC provides an exciting and challenging work environment for professionals seeking a fulfilling career in the financial sector.

KBC Application Process

KBC Online Application

To begin applying for a role at KBC, you'll need to submit an online application including details of your work experience, education as well as uploading a resume and cover letter.

It's important at this stage to pay careful attention to the details and ensure your application is error-free. It is also advised to do your homework on the company, understand their core values and reflect this in your submission.

KBC telephone interview

Once your application has gone through an initial screening by KBC, you may be invited to discuss your application with the talent acquisition adviser. This will be your contact person during the hiring process.

During the discussion, you may be asked questions related to your application and it is a good opportunity to ask any questions you might have.

KBC Aptitude Tests

If you are successful in your telephone interview you may be invited to a selection screening which includes a series of tests to assess your skill set. The tests involved vary depending on the role but may include the following:

  • Situational judgment
  • Verbal reasoning
  • Numerical reasoning
  • Logical reasoning
  • Technical assessment (role-specific)
  • Personality assessment

KBC Situational judgment

The KBC situational judgment test measures a candidate's ability to handle work-related scenarios and make effective decisions. Employers use this test to determine how well candidates can respond to challenges and navigate complex situations in a professional context.

To excel in this test, candidates should practice analyzing different hypothetical situations and evaluate the effectiveness of various responses.

KBC Verbal reasoning

The KBC verbal reasoning test assesses a candidate's ability to comprehend, analyze, and interpret written information. This test is crucial for employers to evaluate communication and critical thinking skills.

To succeed in this assessment, candidates should practice reading and analyzing complex texts and develop skills in identifying relationships between words and ideas.

KBC Numerical reasoning

The KBC numerical reasoning test measures a candidate's ability to work with numerical data and solve problems. Employers use this test to identify individuals with strong quantitative skills, essential in finance roles. To perform well in this test, candidates should review basic mathematical concepts and develop problem-solving strategies applicable to real-world situations involving numbers.

KBC Logical reasoning

The KBC logical reasoning test evaluates a candidate's ability to think logically and analytically,

KBC Technical assessment

For some roles, you may be given a technical assessment to test your knowledge on a particular subject area.

KBC Personality assessment

The KBC personality assessment is designed to evaluate a candidate's personality traits and behavioral tendencies in relation to job roles and organizational culture. KBC may use this test to gain insights into a candidate's work style, interpersonal skills, motivation, and adaptability, which can help predict job performance and fit within the organization.

To excel in this assessment, candidates should approach the test with honesty and self-awareness, providing genuine responses that accurately reflect their personality.

Final interview

The final interview will be conducted with your prospective manager. The purpose of the interview is to get to know you better. You can expect questions that reveal whether you will be a good fit in the team and suitable match for the role. Behavioral interview questions are often asked during this stage to make accurate assessments.

You should also take this opportunity to ask any further questions you might have such as how your performance is evaluated and who you might be working with.

Use the STAR interview method to structure your answers.

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KBC Assessments FAQs

What are the core values of KBC?

KBC's core values are respect, responsiveness and result driven.

What does the KBC PEARL acronym stand for?

PEARL is used to define KBC's culture and the way employers should behave. It stands for: performance, empowerment, accountability, responsiveness and local embeddedness. Candidates should be sure to reflect these cultural values throughout each hiring stage.

Where can I practice KBC practice tests?

You can start practicing with our free KBC test questions - no credit card is required. All you need to do is sign up with an email address.

Is KBC a good financial institution to work for?

KBC is a good company to work for, fostering a supportive and inclusive work culture with numerous development opportunities.

How long is the KBC recruitment process?

The KBC recruitment process typically takes 4-8 weeks depending on the role and number of applicants who have applied.